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   Chapter 7 Mess It Up

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"Oh, I'm sorry. It's my fault." But there was no apology in Emily's eyes. The coldness in her eyes made that injured man frightened. He just had to attribute to his unluckiness and return the shoes to them.

"I'm not happy when other people gossip about my son. You'd better remember, this time it's a shoe, but next time maybe a knife." Emily looked around with a smile, which made people frightened. Her lips curled slightly and said, "I was just joking. After all, I don't want to see blood. " But no one thought that she was joking.

"Star, it has been seven years, and you're still very good at talking nonsense. But how long can you be so smug? I don't mention anything about the past in seven years, which can't mean that I've forgotten it. Now you're messing with me again!"

Star had been a little scared just now. Emily's low pressure made her unable to breathe. She tried to calm down and said, "Sister, what do you say? I don't know what are you talking about." Anyway, she could pretend to be confused without being exposed on the spot. Sawyer could do nothing but accompany her.

"Well, I will let you know gradually." Star held tightly to Sawyer's arms. For some reasons, Emily's return this time made her feel frightened.

"Let's go." Whatever Emily wanted to get back at them, they would get it.

"Oh, I forgot to ask you, how is the Xia Company going in your father's hands?" At once, the face of the Star turned pale.

Sawyer was stunned by Emily's words. Did she want to take back the Xia Company? He looked at Emily with a complicated expression in his eyes and said, "Miss Xia, you seemed to have said that you had nothing to do with the Xia Company. These are the affairs in the Xia Company. There is no need to explain to Miss Xia." Now he could only stand by the side of Star to protect her.

With Emily playing with her nails, she said, "Mr. Sawyer treats his fiancée so well. I'm so moved by this love." There were many sarcastic words, especially coming from the mouth of Emily, Sawyer's ex-fiancée.

Sawyer didn't say anything more.

"Well, seven years ago, thank you so much for letting me have this boy."

With the livid face of Sawyer and Star, Emily knew clearly what could hurt them!

"Let's go." Sawyer held the hand of Star and left. Emily kept looking at them with a smile.

Since the protagonist had left, there was no point to stay a little longer. Now that the effect had been achieved, it was time to end. Looking at the bracelet on the stage, Emily smiled, "Kid, go get it." And she gave Charles a slap on his head.

"Well, Mommy, you can't!"

"You finally get it, but..." Then Emily whispered something in Charles's ear. Hearing what she said, Charles didn't know whether he should laugh or cry. He knew that his mother was not as kind as he thought, but he didn't think it was a good idea.

"Why are you suspicious of me?"

"Of course not. You're the most beautiful goddess in my heart. I'll go now." Charles stepped out quickly. With mischievous smile, everyone wondered what they were going to do. They didn't believe that they would be willing to pay the money.

"Uncle Vincent, let's stop pretend to be rich with cash. Let's use a check," The signature began. Everyone was speechless. They wondered if the check, which was signed by a child at his age, would be fulfilled, not to mention their identity, would they really be able to afford 200 million.

Vincent liked this boy very much, which is not because of his face but his personality, so he said, "Thank you, young Master Xia."

"You're welcome." Charles handed the check to Vincent.

Seeing that, Vincent was stunned for a while. Charles smiled innocently. "Uncle Vincent, mommy has taken many efforts for this. You should take good care of it."

Taking a glance at the direction of Emily, Vincent carefully folded the check and said, "Of course. Please give the thing to Miss Xia."

He saw that Charles happily went over to Emily with the booty. Emily also smiled happily. It seemed that things were as expected.

"Woman, what are we doing now?"

"We're done here. Now, go back,"


Before turning around, she threw a glimpse at Brian. When their eyes met, she smiled softly, took up Charles's hand and left with ease. There was an atmosphere that nobody could step in between the mother and son.

"Lola..." Then, Cassie walked close to Brian. Since they appeared, Brian had been looking at them and didn't see her any more. She was afraid.

"I will send someone to send you back." Brian withdrew his arm, stood up and smoothed his clothes.

Cassie looked at the receding figure, her eyes full of anger.

Because of this episode, the excitement of the auction following was no longer as good as it was in the beginning. When the final round came, everyone was still immersed in the scene just now.

At the end of the auction, a note was handed to Brian. He looked at the note and said, "Dig it out, including e

verything happened seven years ago!" That face was exactly the same as Brian's. There was a meaningful smile on that face. How could it be possible that he didn't mean it? It seemed that he really missed something in that year.

In the presidential suite at the top of the hotel, with a glass of wine in Emily's hand, she looked out of the window at the busy traffic. Charles stood aside in the same way, only holding a glass of milk in his hand.

"Mommy, what are you planning tonight?" Although Emily enjoyed her life and would not bully herself, she was also not a person who squandered money casually. Looking at the situation tonight, Charles found that the table of exquisite dinner was very expensive, which was completely his style. But when it came to his mommy, it was quite strange.

"Oh, that's all right. I am here to confirm for you where the other half of your blood comes from. It seems that I have spent heavily on it. You must remember my great kindness. Oh, remember to pay double the cost tonight to me!"

All of a sudden, Charles wanted to leave the room as soon as possible. But he finally held it back. He asked, "Mommy, are you sure he'll come?"

Staring at him in a serious look, Emily said, "Kid, you're handsome, aren't you?" In this way, Charles would regret asking the question.

Emily drank up the red wine in her glass and replied, "Don't worry. He will definitely come." Looking at Charles's similar face and the words on the slip, she would be wrong about Brian if he didn't take any action. It was just a matter of time. But Emily wanted to see how long it would take for him to find here.

Looking at the confident expression on Emily's face, Charles obediently went to wipe out the food on the table. Since his mother had made arrangement, he didn't need to stick his nose into it. Moreover, the food on the table was up to his taste.

Even though the food was prepared for receiving Brian, Emily didn't stop Charles. Nothing was more important than this kid in front of her. Looking at him enjoying the food, she smiled happily.

When Charles was enjoying his food, the doorbell rang. With a bright smile on her face, Emily gently swiped the glass and said, "Open the door."

"Okay, okay, I'm going." With a plate in his hand, Charles walked towards the door as if he wouldn't move if his mother didn't ask him to.

The door opened, and they looked at each other. One was elder than the other, and the other was younger. They looked alike. While he was chewing, Charles said, "Hey, you are here." Though he didn't speak very clearly because he had something in his mouth, Brian did understand.

Emily saw the baby face in front of her, his eyes became pure and clean after he drew back cunning. From the rounded mouth, she could see the child's greedy for food. Looking at the pretty face, she could not help but smile softly. "Something is stuck on your mouth." Then she softly wiped it.

As for Brian, Charles didn't resist him at all. However, when he saw that smiling charming face, he was not reconciled at all although this face belonged to his father. He fiercely inserted the meat into the plate, chewed it hard and stared at Brian with burning eyes.

"Do you want to know why I look so handsome?" Charles stopped eating upon hearing that. He swallowed the food and stared at him......

"Really! Come on! Mr. Brian, are you going to hide it from the public?" As soon as he finished saying that, he pounced on Brian, trying to get close to him without caring about the plate in his hand. Fortunately, Brian was quick enough to hold the plate over him and picked up the little boy who was about to bump into him.

Brian was so close to Charles that he smiled gracefully: "Oh, I see. It seems that I don't know the secret to tell you about. Moreover, I don't do proper business, waste my time, waste my life, and there is no need to waste my time to tell others about it."

He obviously saw that Charles's face twitched a little and Charles just said a few words at the auction, trying to hold the grudge.

"Just kidding, how can you take it seriously? Besides, look at our relationship, it's not a waste if you tell me? Am I right, Mr. Brian?"

"Well, do we have anything to do with each other?" With smile in Brian's eyes, and a micro facelift at the corners of his mouth, Charles was speechless. He didn't believe Brian didn't know what to say and guess anything at all. Moreover, he appeared here, which proved this point.

All sorts of feelings welled up in Charles's heart. He had already had a mom who was in trouble, and now he has a father like this. He was really worried about his future.

"Mommy!" Charles decided to let his invincible Mommy to argue with this man.

Emily then cast a scornful glance at Charles and said, "Well, our smart little master Charles is going to yield."

Then Charles turned his head, without saying anything.

"Go to the presidential suite next door." Said Emily.

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