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   Chapter 6 Messing Up The Auction (Part Two)

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"Sister..." Star could not help but gasp this word, which caused a great uproar in the crowd.

The only person who could draw that word from Star's lips was the daughter of the former President of the Xia Company, who had been kicked out of Xia family, and who had cut off all relations with her family since then. She was Emily Xia! She was the woman who had caused a huge scandal in T City seven years ago, and who had once been cursed by thousands of people in T City. Seven years ago, her own parents died because of the scandal. She had also been Sawyer's fiancee seven years ago. But was this woman really she?

Seven years ago, there had been a picture of her pale face printed full page in the newspaper, but now it was even harder for the crowd to take their eyes off her. But there were also some people who whispered about her after they became sure of her identity. Some looked at Charles, with a tacit understanding that the child they saw was the result of that ugly business seven years ago. They looked at Emily and Charles with complicated expressions.

"Who are you talking to, Miss Star Xia? I've long severed all relations with the Xia family. If you still call me sister, you insult me."

"Sister, the past is in the past. Grandpa didn't mean to do that. If you want to come back to the family, I can plead with grandpa for you," Star said eagerly, as if she and Emily had once loved each other very much. But only Emily knew what Star was really worried about.

"Come back?" Emily laughed as if she just heard a great joke. "Star, don't you think you have too much of a crush on the Xia Family? I don't even like the Xia Family now, much less seven years ago when the whole matter transpired. Seven years is not long enough for the past to be forgotten. Yes, seven years have passed, and I have born it with great pain!"

Star's fingers tangled up in tension as she listened to her long lost sister. When Sawyer saw Emily, he had become very pale, and he had remained so until now, when he said, "Miss Emily Xia, the matter seven years ago has already passed, hasn't it?" Sawyer could only speak these words in a weak voice.

"Oh, the past is past. Mr. Sawyer, you are so broad-minded, but unfortunately, I have never felt that it has passed. In these seven years, every time I thought of it, I had an impulse to nibble at it with my teeth and suck blood." The bloody words from Emily shocked everyone around her to a hushed silence, especially when they saw her eerily bright smile, which seemed so heartbreaking.

Star tightly grasped Sawyer's arm. She pinched him so hard that some of his skin instantly turned blue and purple. Sawyer knew the worry in Star's heart, and he could not have relaxed any more than her, but he forced himself to calm down.

"Miss Xia, what happened seven years ago is over and h

as become history now. You can't change anything about that no matter what you do."

"If this kind of thing happened to you, Mr. Sawyer, would you say that so easily? Can that still be used to explain the events of the past? Probably not." Gazing at the slight smile on Emily's lips, Sawyer felt his heart ache anew despite the passage of time.

"Dearest Sawyer..." said Star, tugging at Sawyer's arm.

"It's nothing." Sawyer clasped Star's palm with an encouraging squeeze, telling her not to worry.

"Now that Miss Xia has chosen to phrase it in these terms, there is no need for us to further continue our conversation."

Even though he said these words gently, there was still a hefty weight contained in his voice. The heir of the Sang Company couldn't be so innocent, not to mention that Emily had already taken the measure of them seven years ago.

"I always thought that it's not necessary to further discuss it with you. However, I am not the one who keeps talking!"

"Let's go!" There was really no need to linger here.

When Sawyer had now seen Emily again, he remembered the decision he had reached all those seven years ago. It was like a rope tightly wrapped around his throat, which slowly strangled the breath from him and left him unable to struggle. Especially when he saw Charles, the past came hurtling back like a knife in flight to the target. The sight of the child had ripped him to pieces without mercy. Even if regret or guilt was useless, it did not mean that he had none of these things in his heart.

"Sawyer, since my sister likes this bracelet so much, let's help her by paying for it. She didn't take anything with her when she left our home," Star said slightly as she was leaving. Sawyer stood frozen next to Star as he regarded Emily darkly since she has simply responded with an indifferent laugh.

"Okay..." As Sawyer agreed, someone had already shouted over him, ending his words.

"Do you think I'm invisible? Do you think I need to turn to you to pay for the things I bought for my mommy? Just go! Don't destroy my kindness!" Charles shouted mercilessly at Sawyer.

Star's face obviously pale at the child's rage, but she still tried to put on a smile and said, "You're my sister's only child. You must be turning seven years old this year. I'm your aunt."

Sawyer had no time to stop her from saying 'seven years old, ' which once again drew Charles to the forefront of the gossip. As expected, there were even more disdainful sighs from the crowd. They could even hear muttered voices saying, "It indeed happened at that time. If I was her, I would have aborted the child. She even gave birth to the child. It's really..."

Before the speaker could say more, something sailed through the air and hit him solidly in the mouth. It turned out to be a high-heeled shoe flung in rage!

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