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   Chapter 5 Messing Up The Auction (Part One)

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"I didn't expect that Mr. Sawyer Sang could be so affectionate to Miss Star Xia!" Emily stressed the word 'affectionate' for extra meaning ensuring that anyone understood the irony in it.

Brian raised his eyebrows and continued to enjoy the spectacle. He had a feeling that it would turn out to be a good show.

"Miss, have we..." "Have we known each other before?" Before Sawyer could finish speaking, he was interrupted by Emily.

"Boy, Mr. Sawyer asked if I could transfer the bracelet to him. It's rare that he is so generous. Do you think I should transfer it to him?" Her fingers were stroking the semi-curly locks of hair hanging over her chest from time to time. She seemed to be oblivious to the embarrassment of the situation.

Charles knew what his mother was thinking. This couple had caused his mother a lot of trouble in the past. If his mother hadn't forbidden him to take any further action, he would have beaten them up. But since his mother wanted to deal with them herself, only painful memories and ill luck would be waiting for them. With this thought, he comforted himself, but at this time, it was better that he play according to his mother's plan.

"Wow, woman! Do you mean Mr. Sawyer has never been so generous. It's quite embarrassing?"

"Isn't it the truth?" Emily casually countered.

"Oh, I see. I'm so ignorant."

Even though Sawyer had always shown his tenderness to others, he still felt embarrassed by their words. "Miss, why do you slander me like this?"

With a broad smile on her face, Emily said, "I slandered you? I don't think so. Did you hear that, boy?"

Charles shook his head emphatically and said, "My mommy is always kindhearted. How can she slander others? Maybe the person who said that has a problem with their ears. He should seek medical treatment."

"Ha-ha..." A burst of laughter came. It was Brian who had burst out laughing regardless of his image. Of course, he had no image to maintain except for that of a handsome playboy's appeal.

But when Brian noticed that everyone's attention had focused on him, he said, "You guys go on. Don't mind me." Brian burst into laughter again, and the crowd started to admire the mother and the son for their tenacity.

"Hey, you're such an ungrateful woman. My Dearest Sawyer spoke to you in a friendly manner. Don't be so mean to him. Your son is just a child, but he is already so overbearing. It must be because he received a poor education and lacks manners..."

Star wanted to add something more. However, a sharp look from Emily made her mouth shut like a bear trap as she retreated to cower behind Sawyer. Despite Emily's sunglasses nothing could prevent the cold light from rippling out from her eyes. Sensing Emily's malicious intentions, Sawyer was stunned for a while and soothed Star behind him.

"Dare you say it again?" The air around them seemed to be frozen. When Brian looked at Star, his eyes turned deep.

Star didn't know what to say unde

r the scrutiny of such a gaze.

"No offense," Sawyer said, trying to diffuse the situation. He didn't want to explain but was forced to do so.

"Mommy..." Charles grabbed Emily's sleeves slightly. He knew which words she was most irritated by. Although his mother never cared what others said about her, she couldn't bear to hear him being belittled. It was a blessing for him to have a mother with the qualities like Emily.

Emily held her son's hand and wanted to protect him. No one could make a judgment about her son, especially this shameless couple in front of them. "Mr. Sawyer, who do you think you are to say these words to me? Who do you think you are?"

"You..." Star seemed to want to say something more.

"You'd better shut your mouth. You don't deserve to speak to me." The playful look on Emily's cold face disappeared and was replaced by a powerfully dark aura.

"We have never offended you, why do you say such things?" Now Sawyer was certain that Emily was being hostile to them.

"Well, you didn't offend me, did you? But in my memory, you and I are sworn enemies." Emily laughed grimly, shocking both Sawyer and Star. Confused, Sawyer asked, "Miss, whatever do you mean?"

"Mr. Sawyer, it's true that most of us have short memories. But it's better that you forget the past, for then your sins will also be forgotten."

Sawyer was stunned for a moment and then said to Star, "I don't understand what this lady is talking about."

"Ha-ha, you don't understand? Since when has the brilliant minded Mr. Sawyer's intelligence quotient dropped so low? Seven years ago, you had such a keen intellect and used all kinds of methods at your disposal without any care or scruple. After seven years, I didn't think you would have become so dull. Boy, why don't you teach Mr. Sawyer to remember the past?"

Charles shook his head at Sawyer in pity and sighed deeply, seeming to feel sorrowful at the man's inability to understand his mother's meaning.

"Uncle Sawyer, haven't I mentioned that my last name is Xia? Oh, it happens to be the same last name as that of the woman in your arms. Oh, that's right, my last name is Xia. My mother's last name is Xia!"

Mentioning this, it was clear to Charles that if Sawyer didn't understand then there was nothing more he could do for him. But it seemed that he didn't have to do anything else. When he just said his last name, Star's and Sawyer's eyes darkened quite obviously, and their bodies trembled. It seemed that they didn't need any further reminders.

"I didn't expect your ignorance. Seven years have passed, but only a pair of sunglasses has managed to cover up everything from our past. It seems that I haven't even left a memory to you two. I don't know whether I should be happy or disappointed." Emily took off her sunglasses, revealing her very pretty pair of smart and cunning eyes. It seemed that nothing missed her eyes, which made her temperament more closely resemble that of Brian.

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