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   Chapter 4 Auction (Part Two)

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Star smiled and thought that she was quite important in Sawyer's heart, and she just ignored the instant tangle of emotions in his eyes.

Silence reigned in the room. Brian continued to play with the bidding card in his hands thoughtfully, while Vincent was grinning from ear to ear. 'The higher the prices reach, the more money I can get, ' he thought.

Just when people thought that no one would brave enough to face down to Brian, a naive and yet somewhat indomitable voice rang out, "200 million!"

All eyes were attracted by the voice behind this new bidding card. When they saw the bidder, they looked at each other, and they could have swallowed several eggs with their slack-jawed mouths hanging open in surprise.

Charles quite enjoyed the sight of the surprised crowd, and he said, "Being a gentleman, I'm both handsome and debonair, and therefore, everyone loves me. It's excusable for all of you to be attracted by my appeal. But can you stop looking at me like starving wolves? I'm afraid my heart will ache!"

Before the crowd could react, Charles' sharp voice had already drawn them back to their senses. The corners of their mouths remained stiff for a long time. They couldn't help but wonder, 'Damn it! Where did this narcissistic little guy come from? He looks so familiar. Have we met him before? But where?' They remained lost in thought for quite a while.

Charles seemed oblivious to what was happening. He stared at the bracelet in front of him. He had promised his mommy he'd get it. But undoubtedly, his extremely narcissistic words had successfully attracted the attentions of Brian and Sawyer. They turned to him at the same time. Someone made a clapping sound as he hit his thigh and said, "Oh, this boy looks just like Mr. Brian!"

In an instant, the crowd was very excited. "Yes, he does look like Mr. Brian. That's right!"

They hadn't expected it because it was difficult to find someone equally elegant and talented to Brian. Now they saw a handsome man like Brian, but unexpectedly he was a little boy! Hold on... Little guy...

The crowd went silent like boiled water that had cooled down. They looked first at Brian and then at Charles. The similarity of their features, combined with Brian's unmistakable way of doing things, quickly seeded a bold guess in everyone's hearts.

As soon as Brian saw Charles, the smile on his face disappeared little by little. The smile vanished, and a deeply pensive look flashed in his eyes. Cassie also sensed that he was acting strangely. "Brian..." However, she didn't stir any reaction in Brian. Fixing her eyes at Charles, she grasped Brian's fingers tightly.

On another face, there was something unreadable glimmering as Vincent looked at the two.

Although Charles' attention was focused on the stage, it didn't mean that he couldn't feel the burning eyes from all around him. "I know you all admire my grace. But can we get down to business first?"

He gazed at the bracelet on the stage with scorching eyes, which made everyone want to call him to discipline. Who was this shameless child? People glanced at Brian, but he didn't make any response. Once again, they didn't know what he was thinking about this eerie event that had occurred.

"You, little boy, 200 million dollars is not pocket change. This is not a place to have fun," someone in the crowd said and made everyone return their attention to this important thing that they were here for. 200 million was not a thing that could be sniffed at, not to mention such a little guy, who might not even know the concept of 200 million.

To be honest, such suspicious gazes made Charles quite unhappy. It was obvious that he was being underestimated. With his lips trembling, he took a domineering step forward with one of his short legs and brushed a few hairs back from his forehead with one hand. "How dare you think such a handsome guy can't afford this?"

With his big eyes wide open, Charles seemed intent on marching up to fight whoever dared to deny him. Seeing such a gesture, Brian smiled and said, "Mr. Su, since no one wants to raise the price, this bracelet belongs to this boy according to the rules of the auction."

When he spoke, everyone was stunned. It was obvious that there was no doubt in his eyes. Could it be said that... Everyone's thoughts were once again running wild with speculations.

"Well, isn't Mr. Brian starting the bidding now?" Vincent looked at Brian with a cunning smile, which contained something that only the two of them knew.

"It's rare for a child to be so interested in a bid. I can't compete with a child, let alone..." Brian looked at Charles, who looked so similar to him. No one could read the meaning in Brian's deep eyes.

As soon as Brian finished talking, Charles nodded in agreement. He was very satisfied with Brian's perform

ance. When Brian looked at him, he felt it.

He remembered that his mommy had told him that no matter the character of people, their eyes couldn't tell lies. However, Brian's eyes, except for the initial surprise, were too calm. 'It seems that my father isn't who he appears on the surface.'

Charles blinked at Brian with his clear and wide eyes and a sly smile, which stunned Brian in its guile-fullness. It seemed that he needed to investigate this carefully.

After three beats of the auctioneer's gavel, Charles received the hot necklace at a price of 200 million. He happily smiled and verged on jumping up and down in excitement. "Wow! Here it is! How are you going to praise me?"

In an instant, Charles turned smugly to Emily. People started to notice the woman sitting next to him. As Charles had offered a high price just now, everyone's eyes had been attracted to him, so they had ignored the woman with him.

Emily hadn't taken off her sunglasses the whole time, and half of her body was leaning against the seat to balance at an intricate angle. It was no wonder that people hadn't noticed her just now. They only saw that Emily dragged her jaw slightly and looked around lazily. If they didn't know that she was in an auction, they would have thought that she was out having fun at an amusement park.

But it was undeniable that even though she wore sunglasses, it was difficult to cover up her temperament.

Disregarding everyone's gaze, she slowly sat up and gently straightened her clothes. "Oh! Two hundred million! What do you want as a reward?" As soon as she spoke up in such a low voice, Charles knew that something was wrong, so he ran as fast as he could. However, before he took the first step, Emily caught him. She said, "Boy, can you be more patient? How dare you spend 200 million in such a frivolous act?"

"You said you wanted it, but you didn't say how much it should cost," Charles explained and wasn't as bold as he had been a moment ago. Although he was fearless, he couldn't be arrogant with his mother. Especially when it came to money, his mother was always a frightening force to resist.

"I didn't ask you to spend 200 million." Two hundred million was a lot of money. She felt angered about it.

"I have paid it." Charles emphasized the fact that made Emily feel bad.

"You bad boy, learn something good. Don't pretend to be generous like Brian Yun. Are you rich?"

Charles felt helpless. In fact, they didn't lack money at all. But facing his mommy, who loved money, he couldn't do anything but bear her chastisement. He thought for a moment and then said, "Woman, you should know that Brian spent all his money on loose women. He never paid for his own business. He is a dissipated, dissolute, and wasteful character. I have spent my money and life on my mother. It's called generosity. I'm filial and sensible. Don't degrade me by putting me and Brian in the same category."

Charles' words were quite silly. After a quick glance at his narcissistic face, Emily found that he was a child who shared the same blood with Brian, so he was undoubtedly similar to Brian.

Everyone was left speechless by the two people in front of them. They looked at Brian, who was affected by this dispute for no reason, and he was watching it happily. He didn't mind to be laughed at.

"Miss, can you tell me what the outcome of your dispute is?"

Vincent spoke first. He enjoyed watching the comical scene, but it didn't mean that he forgot to charge the bidding price. After all, he valued money a lot. Emily looked up at him slightly, let go of Charles, and waved her hands. "The bracelet is quite suitable for me..."

With a smile on his face, Vincent knew very well that he had to wait for Emily's reply. As expected, she said, "But I don't want to pay for it. What should I do now?" Emily looked very worried now.

All the people were almost falling from their seats with mirth at the strange event. Damn, what was this? The supremacy! You have to see what it is when you want to skip out on the bill. This was an auction held by the World International Group. Anyone with any sense at all wouldn't dare to make trouble here. Thinking of what Charles had done just now, and judging from Emily's reaction, the two really believed that they could get away with it!

"If this lady doesn't want it, could you please transfer it to me?" a soft voice said. Even if she didn't look up at him, she knew who the voice belonged to.

"I didn't realize that Mr. Sawyer would like this bracelet so much!" Emily said in a low voice devoid of any emotion.

Sawyer paused for a moment and replied slowly, "My fiancee likes this bracelet very much."

When Star heard this, she was so moved and happy. "Dearest Sawyer..."

Sawyer smiled kindly at Star, but he looked more than a little dejected.

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