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   Chapter 3 Auction (Part One)

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Nobody had noticed that Emily and Charles were there. After all, everyone was paying attention to the auction. It seemed that the auction had begun, and there was a full house of people competing in the bidding.

Their seats were ideally situated in the middle of the hall. Brian was on the right front of them, and Sawyer was on the left front. So they could clearly see the bidding wars play out.

In particular, Cassie's intimate behavior was almost equal to that of an X-rated picture on the scene. And Star Xia was also not behaving much better–leaning against Sawyer's chest and lying in his arms as if she had no bones. The sight made Charles uneasy.

On the contrary, Vincent, who sat beside Brian, looked at the auction with a smug smile on his face. Perhaps he was calculating his income from tonight's lavish event. After glancing at Brian, Emily hissed, "Evildoer!"

"Hey! Are they poisoning my pure heart? Isn't it illegal to pollute a child?"

Emily looked at Charles for a moment with an unreadable gaze, which gave him a bad feeling. Sure enough, Emily said, "Are you a kid? To be honest, I've been doubting it for a long time. You have a child's appearance, but the soul of a twenty or thirty-year-old man. It's very popular to use a dead body to return a soul. If it's the truth, just tell me honestly. I can take it!" After that, the gloomy expression on her face completely defeated Charles.

"Woman, I say it again. Am I your son? I'm here to help you!" Charles said.

"Hurry up!" Emily looked away, and everything was back to normal.

Tears welled up in Charles' eyes as he thought of what he might have done in his last life. It was so cruel and unfair that he had such a callous mother who he couldn't offend. Well, he accepted his fate.

Emily's eyes swept across the front, noticing the warm scene between Sawyer Sang and Star Xia. She felt nothing at seeing it. Now, in her eyes, they were just a couple of so-called hypocritical men and women flaunting their love with PDA. However, even if she didn't care, she knew that they had to pay for what they had done.

As they were talking, a few jade jewels worth millions of dollars had been successfully bidden on by Brian. Nobody else would bid for anything that Brian took a fancy to, because few people could plumb the depths of the powerful financial resources of the Yun Company.

"A spendthrift, a spendthrift!" Charles shook his head and said disapprovingly. "He had already spent ten million, which was really a treasure trove. He is quite the splurge by nature."

"What? Are you jealous?" raising her chin with one hand placed on the armrest of her chair, Emily asked jokingly.

"Well, if I wanted to, I could be freer and easier with money than he is. But as a good man, I know how to live economically. You should be contented to have a son like me!" Charles spoke quite confidently. How would Brian feel if he heard these words?

"Oh, I don't think so." Emily's words frustrated Charles and brought him low. But he had already become used to it.

Suddenly, a dazzling red light was reflected in Emily's eyes from the blood-red bracelet shining charmingly on the stage. Everyone could sense the flow of energy in the jewels' veins.

It was quite compatible with a pragmatical temperament. The patterns on the stones were exquisite and meticulous. It was said that it took one thousand years to form, one thousand years to be polished, and one thousand years to be found. It was laden with the memories of the stone flowers waiting in the netherworld for their lifetime, which imbued it with a rich meaning.

But in Emily's eyes, the stone flower bracelet was an enchanting jewel bloo

ming in hell's fire. And undoubtedly, this enchanting flower resonated with a darker side in Emily. "Boy, it belongs on me."

"Then I'll get it for you." A big smile spread across Charles' little face. It was rare to see something like this bracelet that could so touch Emily. And this bracelet was indeed suitable for his mother. Even he loved it at first sight.

"It seems that it won't be easy." Emily noticed that Brian and Sawyer were looking at it with admiration. It was obvious that this bracelet was for their special women, so it was not hard to tell who they were each fighting for.

"Woman, trust me. We are biological!"

"Oh, then it's up to you, Mr. Charles." Emily grinned leaning back lazily against the chair.

"We start the bidding at one million!" the auctioneer called the starting bid.

"Two million!"

"Three million!"

The bidding had begun, and it turned out that there were a lot of people who were interested in the bracelet. Emily cast a glance at Brian and Sawyer. They seemed not to be taking action. Rather they would start bidding later. Charles smiled excitedly, and his charming face beamed with joy. Emily always trusted Charles. It was rare for him to be so interested, so she was willing to let him proceed.

Soon, the price reached ten million, and the bidding was becoming white hot.

"Twenty million!" Sawyer began to make bids first. Everyone looked at him, increasing the bid by ten million dollars. Sawyer was really rich, but people were more envious that Star could have met such a kindhearted person. That sort of mind was more important than any sum of money. Star felt that everyone was envious of her, and she laughed even more brightly–this gentleman next to her belonged to her.

However, before Star had stopped laughing, Brian shouted, "50 million!" His words shocked everyone. In an instant, 50 million was just a drop in the bucket for Yun Company. But it was all just for a woman, which proved the saying, "A playboy never cares about proper business."

Taking a look at Brian's sunny smile, Sawyer countered bid. "Sixty million!"

No one had expected that Sawyer would be at odds with Brian. One man was the rising star in the business world and had gradually taken over the Sang Company. The other man was a dissolute young man who played with women for no reason. This kind of battle was somewhat strange. Furthermore, no one had heard that these men had enmity with each other. Finally, they all attributed it to Sawyer's strong love for Star.

Brian played with the auction card in his hand. People were unable to see the emotions in his eyes, but he still wore a charming smile as he finally dared to say, "One hundred million!"

One hundred million! The crowd was shocked. This price had shattered the proverbial glass ceiling and was now sky-high. Brian was really generous. Everyone was impressed by the uninhibited rich man yet again.

It was obvious that Sawyer was also considering his options. The auction card seemed to become bent into an arc in his hands. When he was about to raise the bidding card again, he was stopped by Star who pulled at his arm. She said, "Dearest Sawyer, it's enough that you have such a kind mind for me."

It wasn't that they couldn't afford the money, but they couldn't compete with the Yun Company. It had become obvious that Brian was determined to own the bracelet glittering on the stage. Sawyer looked at Star and seemed to suddenly remember that this bracelet was what the girl in front of him like. Just then, he remembered a fierce sight deep in his memory that was so similar to this event. Unfortunately... Slowly, he put down his bidding card without bidding more.

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