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   Chapter 2 First Meet At The Auction (Part Two)

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"Who do you think you are? Don't forget that he is the famous Mr. Brian Yun of T City," After that, Emily Xia stepped out of the car and leisurely leaned on the hood of the car. Her slightly curly but long hair freely hung in front of her curvaceous chest, and her delicate features and beautiful face made her appear especially enchanting. Behind the sunglasses her eyes were somewhat playful, but also uniquely fresh, seeming to see through the mortal world. Her calm and serenity were both deeply felt. Looking in the direction of the auction, she flashed a narrow smile at the corner of her mouth before pouting, which completed her natural and graceful look.

"Hey, don't play dumb. Aren't I your own son?"

"I'm just telling the truth. I'm sorry to burst your bubble." Hearing Emily's casual words, Charles wanted to cry. Could anyone tell him why he had such a mother? She was one that he could not change, and he could only accept her.

Emily ignored Charles's self-pity. When she looked in the direction of the auction, a hint of darkness gradually appeared in her eyes, and her mouth curved into a sarcastic smile. Noticing the subtle change of her mood, Charles said, "Hey, if you want to gatecrash the auction, you should tell me in advance, so that I can stay away from it!"

Raising a wisp of curly hair from her chest, she wrapped it around her fingertips and said, "Do I look like a bad person?"

However, it seemed that Charles wouldn't answer to these words. After all, he didn't want to sleep on the street not long after his return to T City. "How can that be? My mommy is the kindest, the most beautiful, and the most graceful woman. All the most shining words match my mommy. I can't help admiring your charm. How can I say that? How could it be possible?"

Without even blushing or raising his heartbeat, it seemed that he had said these words many times before. Even Emily Xia seemed to become satisfied with this. She touched his head and said, "Hmm, good boy!"

Charles Xia smiled. He knew that his mother liked these words. He had heard them since he was born. Thinking of this, he felt sad and tearful.

"Hey, what are you going to do?" Emily didn't hide anything about the past but also didn't say much about it. However, over the years, Charles had made a detailed investigation and knew almost everything. Reminded of the pain his mommy had experienced, and the hurt she had gone through in those years, he had the urge to kill those people who had dared to bully his mommy. He didn't allow others to do that, not before or after he was born.

"Come on, brat, stop staring at me. Who are you going to bite? I won't spare you if you get dirty all over!" Emily tapped Charles on his head lightly, her strength being little more than a breeze.

"Hey, I'm just defending you. I'm so sad that you don't hug me but rather hit me!" The innocence in his big eyes was irresistible.

Of course, Emily didn't fall prey to that look. She knew her son very well. Yet, she still took her son in her arms and said, "Okay, okay, okay! I just threw myself at you. Have you forgotten why I came back this time? I will make some noise later, and let them know that I have returned!"

Charles liked the confident and arrogant smile that Emily donned since this was his familiar mother. So he continued lying in her arms, enjoying her embrace. "By the way, what about that monster?"

Raising her eyebrows slightly, Emily asked, "Do you have any ideas?" The small face in front of her was a mirror image to Brian's, especially the eyebrows and eyes. Although she didn't know who the man from seven years ago had been, now this look seemed to explain everything.

"Yes, I do, but Mommy, I'll always be on your side." As Charles hugged Emily, he couldn't fathom what she was worried about. Although she never hid anything about his real identity from him, he could feel that she still had a slight fear in her heart. That man was his mother's weakness, which he had already known from an early age.

The serious expression on Charles' face made Emily smile and relax more. She said, "You don't need to worry about anything. I'm going to take back everything I had lost, and I'll get back everything owed to me. I'll pay back ten times whoever hurt me. No one can stop me from doing so. This time, I won't give up, no matter what happens. I couldn't protect or remember things in the past. This time, I will firmly grasp them."

"Brat! If he is your father, how much should I get for custody?" Emily had a playful smile on her face as she crazily said.

A bitter smile cracked Charles' lips, and he asked, "Are you selling your son for wealth?"

"Don't talk nonsense. I'm just exchanging my son for money."

Tears welled up in Charles' eyes. "Am I really your son?"

"Of course!"

"I really doubt that."

"Boy, the Yun Company is indeed rich. Brian takes forty percent of the shares, and he has so much more than one company!" There was some underlying meaning in Emily's words.

"Don't, don't! Are you short of money?" Charles was going to slap her.

"Don't you think so? And the more money, the better. I like money. Do you have any problem with that?"

"No, I don't!" Charles decided to shut up in such a mess. He had nothing to say to his mom, who was obsessed with wealth. What else could he say? He could only pray to God for his mom.

"Let's do it!"

"Are there any restrictions?"

"What do you think?" With a bright smile on the corner of Emily's mouth, the meaning in her eyes was self-evident. Charles knew clearly. "It's all on me." 'It doesn't matter if I play a big one, ' he thought.

Upon seeing this, Emily smiled with satisfaction. She put Charles down and walked in with him. There was a warm atmosphere surrounding them from the beginning of the evening to the end.

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