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   Chapter 1 First Meet At The Auction (Part One)

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As the lights turned on, the quiet night was broken by a sea of people. Their gorgeous dresses and tuxedos came into view, and the whole city was bathed in the fragrance, colors, and textures of their clothes. The biggest auction in T City had started.

A beautiful couple approached in the lamplight. The man was handsome, and the woman was both shy and graceful. The woman was holding the man's arm with a sweet smile. How could she not be happy since the rumor of their wedding had only just broken this week?

Everyone had praised the couple as a perfect match, but no one would even have remembered the woman seven years ago. It had been seven years, seven long and painful years. That woman and the past scandal seemed to have been forgotten.

"It's Mr. Brian."

"Mr. Brian is here,"

There were a great number of journalists rushing in the direction of the happy couple's arrival. They darted forward with the sound of their cameras clicking and blinding flashes. Even had a superstar shown up from the latest movie, the response would have been no more than this.

The red car drew a beautiful arc as it turned before stopping. Under the beautiful lights of the event, the bright red car was an enchanting addition. There would always be an elite group of people who immediately drew attention upon their arrival, and Brian Yun belonged to this group of people.

"Mr. Brian, it's said that you and Miss Cassie Qin recently traveled abroad for seven days and seven nights. Is there any truth to the rumor..."

"Mr. Brian, I heard that you and Miss Cassie Qin are about to get engaged. Is that true?"

"Mr. Brian..."

The reporters kept asking questions as if they had already forgotten that tonight's event was an auction, not a special performance by Brian Yun. However, he always drew the attention of the media. And not only for his fascinating face, just by his status as the young master of the Yun Company had he also attracted many women.

When hearing the word engagement being tossed around by the crowd, Brian Yun slightly narrowed his smiling eyes in a roguish style, "I like being mysterious. Don't deprive me of my interests." As soon as his charming eyes and brows swept the assembled reporters, everyone was utterly charmed by his graceful manner and unable to refute.

Of course, some of the journalists were able to stay calm and reasonable despite his charm. Since they could not glean an answer from Brian, they turned to Cassie Qin instead.

"What do you think about this, Miss Cassie Qin?"

Cassie held Brian's arm more closely and said, "Just as Brian said, we are here for the auction. Let us rather focus on that, shall we?"

The bright and beautiful smile and the intimate behavior of this couple caused people to believe in the illusion, but was it true? If this looming marital bliss was true, how could Brian settle down so easily? After all, even Sara Zhong couldn't get a ring on him.

While playing with the cuff link on his cuff, Brian didn't refute or admit the words that Cassie claimed. The smile remained fixedly on his face, both charming and confusing the reporters.

Cassie's thoughts were evident as she looked at Brian with amorous eyes. When seeing her eyes, Brian smiled more enchantingl

y, which frightened Cassie as she had a sudden feeling of being utterly transparent. He smiled and then looked away without saying a word, which made Cassie heave an inward sigh of relief.

"We are indeed greatly honored by your presence." The frozen air was suddenly broken by a sonorous voice. Vincent Su came forth utterly resplendent in a white suit that made him look more handsome. Different from Brian's enchanting appearance, he was more of a summer brilliance, fresh and uniquely arrogant. His hint of a smile was elegant and mysterious enough to make people around him feel drawn in by him. He came over and greeted Brian with a firm handshake.

"Mr. Su is personally taking charge of the auction. How could I not attend?" Brian also smiled back as he clasped hands with Vincent. They looked like friends, but their eyes hinted something different.

"That's great! I'm looking forward to bidding against you tonight!"

"It depends on the beauty next to me."

"Miss Qin, as a superstar, you are known to have a good taste. Your presence here will greatly add to the fame of this auction."

"You're welcome, Mr. Su." In response to his compliment, Cassie blushed modestly. She was not sure she would be able to impress him tonight. After all, Vincent Su was the CEO of the World International, and it was not easy for her to get a word of praise from him. Moreover, he was probably flattering her for the sake of Brian.

Hearing that, Vincent smiled but didn't say a word. After a moment, he said, "You are very modest, Miss Qin. It's you who tempted Mr. Brian to leave behind his personal affairs to enjoy your company for seven days. I hope that you would like to bid on several more ensembles tonight so that I can make more money!"

Cassie didn't know what he meant, and Brian didn't respond either. She merely smiled and didn't say anything.

With a meaningful smile, Vincent thought that it was not necessary to expose further detail on the matter. Instead, he said, "Mr. Brian, let me show you the way!"

Brian didn't refuse and followed Vincent. When they passed by Sawyer Sang, Vincent nodded at him in greeting. Besides for Brian, the rest of the guests didn't merit being greeted by Vincent. After all, the auction was being held by World International. In T City, it was an internationally renowned commercial tycoon, which stood on an equal footing with the Yun Company.

From a distance, an inconspicuous car was filled with occupants who were carefully watching the interactions of Sawyer Sang and Star Xia with the media. They paid special attention to the questions being posed to the couple.

"Well, he really is a genius, but he still doesn't hold a candle to me!" Charles Xia got out of the car and brushed down his set of casual clothes. He was about seven or eight years old, but he was already gifted with a charming face. He was as elegant as the woman in front of him, and what was more, he had a devious and seductive charm. Especially his eyes were not only full of manipulation and cunning, which was inconsistent with his tender age, but they were also pure and innocent, which was well known at his age. That made people end up feeling vulnerable in front of this child who was enamored by the love of the world.

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