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   Chapter 692 Go Back With Me

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As soon as Austin's voice fell to the ground, the chopsticks in Hester's hand fell on the ground. She paused for a moment and then returned to normal.

She looked at the other three people with a wry smile, and the corners of her mouth trembled slightly. What Austin said caught her off guard!

"It's an accident!"

Austin smiled, but his eyes flashed with a very complicated light. As if nothing had happened, he took out a tissue and put it in Hester's hand.

"Her hand has got this problem since three years ago. Don't mind, Mr. Terence!"

Hearing Austin's casual words, Terence tightened his grip on the chopsticks. He closed his eyes and suppressed all the emotions in his heart, but his body honestly trembled slightly.

He couldn't forget what happened three years ago. Just like the barrier in his heart, it turned into a gap and completely cut off the distance between the two.

"According to Mr. Austin, you have had a wonderful time in just three years!"

"I'm flattered, Mr. Terence. It's not so wonderful. But as long as she is here, I'm naturally happy."

Austin nodded modestly and couldn't help smiling. There was a faint pleasure between his eyebrows. For the three years that had passed, it was naturally the three years that he would never forget.

"No talking while eating or sleeping!"

Seeing the quietly changing atmosphere between the two of them, Hester thought for a moment, but could not find a better solution.

There was an old saying by chance, which seemed to be used to persuade people to eat quietly.

Hester said it smugly. She had thought that the situation would change, but it was more tragic to find that the two people's attention was all on her.

Hester calmly picked up a piece of meat and put it into Thomas' bowl. She raised her hand to tuck her hair behind her back. With a gentle smile at the corners of her mouth, she exuded a strong maternal love.


h him.

He was destined to go back to this place tomorrow so he wanted to come over with her together! There was no problem in his words, but he didn't know whether to cry or to laugh.

"Thomas, if you don't want to Auntie April, you can come early tomorrow. It's late now. Auntie April should go to bed."

Austin looked at Thomas with deep eyes and said slowly. He put his hand on Hester's shoulder possessively with an irresistible aura.

He would never allow anyone to take Hester away from him, even if that person was her own son!

Terence stared at the hand with red eyes. But he still tried to control his emotions, as if he had heard firecrackers ringing in his ears.

"Thomas, don't disturb Auntie April. Let's go!"


Thomas lowered his head listlessly. Although he was reluctant to leave, he still felt sorry for his mother. His father once said that if he didn't have a good rest, he would be in a bad mood.

He had always hoped that his mother would be fine, so he should not disturb her!

"Auntie April, you must go to bed early. I will come to see you tomorrow!"

Hester, of course, didn't know what was on Thomas' mind. She felt relieved and looked at the person in front of her lovingly.

"Thomas, you should also sleep well. Goodbye!"

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