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   Chapter 691 Unnecessary People

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Hester was lying on the bed, holding Thomas in her arms, staring blankly at the ceiling. Thinking about it carefully, she liked children only because of the two children she had lost.

Speaking of taking care of a child, she seemed to have no experience. Just like now, the two of them could only look at the ceiling, not knowing what to say.

"Thomas, why do you like me so much?"

After thinking for a while, Hester spoke first. 'He is an innocent child. Why does he look so heavy every day?' she thought to herself.

Why did he treat her differently?

With eyeballs dripping in his eyes, Thomas' tiny brain was quickly running and carefully thinking of a countermeasure. There must be a reason why his mother didn't allow him to be with her. He had to think it over!

"Maybe you look like my mother!"

Hester was stunned and speechless. She didn't think she was as beautiful as Melody. How could she look like her?

It seemed that Thomas was a poor child. He had lost his mother's love since he was a child, and he was even a little confused!

"No wonder! It turns out that you think I look like your mother, so you have been relying on me all the time?"

"Clap!" A loud noise interrupted the conversation between the two. Hester frowned and hurriedly stood up from the bed. When she opened the door, she saw Austin standing there in a daze, with a broken bowl under his feet.

"Brother Austin, what's wrong with you?"

Hester had never seen Austin like this. She was frightened. She held his arm and shook it slightly. Her voice trembled involuntarily.

Getting rid of the sadness, Austin narrowed his eyes and hid the sadness. He shook his head slightly. He was afraid that Thomas would tell the truth and break the beautiful dream he had personally made in advance.

"It's okay. My hand is just slippery! Dinner is ready. Get up and eat!"

Then he turned around and left. Austin hated himself very much now. It was he wh

that she hadn't had a good meal since she came back.

There were always too many familiar people. She didn't want to make friends with them, but she had to sit down under all kinds of circumstances.

There was a piece of fish in the bowl. Following the direction of the owner of the chopsticks, she saw a warm smile on Austin's face.

"It's light stewed and easy to digest. Have some!"

Austin said in a soft and comfortable voice. Three years ago, when she woke up, she didn't eat or drink, which hurt her stomach. As a result, many of her favorite food could only be given up.

In the past three years, he had been taking good care of her according to the traditional Chinese medicine, so that she wouldn't have a stomachache when she occasionally forgot to eat or sleep.

Terence frowned and fixed his eyes on Hester. It was difficult to tell what it meant.

"Is there anything wrong with Miss Hester's stomach?"

"Oh! When I was busy with cases before, I often forgot to eat and got stomach illness. But fortunately, Brother Austin has taken good care of me in the past two years, and I have almost recovered."

Hester took the lead in speaking. She said it lightly, as if she was talking about something else.

"It's just because she ruined her body for unnecessary people."

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