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   Chapter 687 No Need

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Hearing this, Yam nodded calmly. The only condition for her to escape was that she had to help Melody deal with Hester. If she had seen Hester send her back with own eyes, she must have misunderstood!

"Don't worry! I will do as you said. But you know that I was not happy with Hester before. It's not easy to win her trust in a short time!"

There was a flash of understanding on Melody's face, and she made a comparison in her heart. Although Hester was easy to be kind, she was not a fool.

Three years ago, Melody used her sympathy to make her so easily fail! Now that the past had happened again, she would be more careful!

"You are right! Hester, that bitch, had returned as a lawyer. She must have gone through a lot of things. It was indeed a little difficult to take advantage of her sympathy!

Well, if you follow your plan step by step, then it will be easier for me to achieve my goal."

Yam nodded in agreement. She must be careful in front of Melody and never make her angry. Although Melody looked like the same as before, her mind had already been crazy.

If they was any disagreement, Yam was sure that she would not let her go!

Seeing that Yam was obedient, Melody nodded with satisfaction. It seemed that her plan would work.

As long as Yam could obtain the trust of Hester, it was time for her to implement her plan.

"Go back and think about how to get close to her. Remember! The sooner, the better. My patience is limited. Don't let me think it's a mistake to save you!"

"Don't worry! I will get her trust as soon as possible!"

In order not to go back to the place where she used to be, Yam swore her determination. Even for her own sake, she must do what Melody told her.

Melody raised her eyes lazily and glanced at Yam up and down. The discomfort in her heart instantly increased. It was disgusting to think of what she had done.

Perhaps it

re was the mother of success. As long as she used the right method, she would definitely make Hester change her opinion of her.

"Yam, you must come on!"

She cheered herself up. When she looked up, she saw a familiar car and the person who got off it. She couldn't help trembling.

She moved awkwardly and hid at a corner. She took a deep breath, and her eyes flashed with surprise and uncertainty.

"Why is he here? Didn't he say that he had nothing to do with Hester?"

Half of her head was quietly exposed, and she carefully observed Terence not far away. Yam was very resentful. If it weren't for the man in front of her, her father wouldn't have died.

The person she hated most in the world must be Terence!

Terence took out his phone and dialed Hester's number. He squatted down to calm Thomas down. After dinner that night, Thomas had been clamoring to look for Hester. He was so annoyed that he reluctantly drove to take him here.

Hester looked at the name jumping on the screen, frowning. She did not want to answer his phone, but the person on the other side had been persistent. With a slight sigh, her fingertips slid through the line.

"Mr. Terence, it seems that there is no need for us to keep in touch with each other, right?"

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