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   Chapter 680 Affect Fetal Education

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Hearing Hester's words, somehow, Jackson's heart was getting more and more blocked. He should have been happy, but after hearing her words, he had mixed feelings.

He put his hands in front of his body calmly and tightened them, with blue veins on them.

"Since you are fine, that's good!"

He didn't know what to say.

Hester frowned in embarrassment. It was just a casual greeting. Although she was not frightened at all, it seemed that such ruthless words were quite hurtful!

"Well, I mean I'm fine now. There's no shadow left by that thing, so you don't have to feel guilty."

Austin and speechless and held Hester tighter. Although he knew that her soft heart would hurt many people, it could not be compensated.

"Mr. Jackson, since you see that Hester is safe and sound, it's late today. You have been working all day. Why don't you go back first and go to bed early?"

"Yes! Yes!"

Nodding non-stop, Hester followed Austin's words. It was easy to make the situation awkward if she kept silent. This time, it was not man-made control, and she did not blame anyone.

"Jackson, you don't look well. You'd better go home and have a good rest!"

Jackson smiled bitterly and didn't know how to response! Austin didn't want to see him, but why did she do the same to him today?

"Have a good rest. I'll come to see you another day!"

Looking at his receding figure, Hester's eyes flashed and she took a low and slow breath. If it were in normal times, she would not treat him like this.

However, she had consumed most of her energy tonight in Qi family, so she didn't have any of it to talk to him now.

"Let's go inside!"

Austin closed his eyes, raised his hand and touched her head dotingly. He naturally understood what she was thinking. Although she was not hurt, he still could not forgive Jackson.

"From now on, you have to stay away from him! Although it wasn't all hi

as uncertain, it would not affect his position in her heart.

"You said Mr. Jackson was waiting for you at the door?"


Hester nodded dejectedly, feeling very remorseful. After leaving the Qi family yesterday, she felt exhausted, so she was not in the mood to deal with him.

But when she recalled it now, she really felt that she had gone too far. After what had happened, and they hadn't seen each other for so long, he must be very depressed!

"I was in a mess at that time and didn't treat him well. Do you think he was very sad?"

"Of course!"

Sara nodded fiercely and said loudly. She could almost imagine his expression at that time. He must have been heartbroken!

Sara crossed her hands and fell into the fantasy of boundless. The overbearing CEO in the novel met his beloved girl and suffered a lot. It was really heartbreaking!

"Poor Mr. Jackson. You have hurt him all over. What should you do?"

The corners of Hester's mouth twitched violently. She looked at Sara as if she couldn't bear it. She really admired her imagination. Things that didn't happen were so real by her imagination, which made her speechless.

"It seems that I have to tell Allen to put away those messy books, otherwise it will affect the fetal education!"

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