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   Chapter 679 It's Not Your Fault

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Terence stood up, straightened his sleeves, turned his head and said politely to Hester and Austin, "Dinner is ready. Miss April and Mr. Austin, please follow me to my seat!"

After Terence sat down, Austin pulled out a chair and looked up at Hester gently. Obviously, he meant it.

Hester's expression froze. She pulled Thomas to sit down and quietly looked at the table with her head down, trying to minimize her sense of existence.

Just now, she felt that she had never left. There was no change in the decoration of this place. Even the dishes on the table were basically the same as when she was there.

Hester frowned slightly. If she ate these every day, wouldn't it be easy for her to get tired of them?

"Do you like the food, Miss April?"

Lisa arranged the dishes for Hester with a smile.

Lisa was at home, so she knew her taste.

Hester smiled and nodded slightly.

"Thank you for the reception tonight. I'm very satisfied!"

"Auntie April, I am very happy to have dinner with you tonight!"

Thomas looked at Hester eagerly, not noticing anything unusual at the table. He was immersed in his own emotions and could not extricate himself.

With a wry smile, Hester turned around and rubbed Thomas' head. Her muscles were twitching with a smile. However, the other two didn't have any intention of speaking.

"Thomas, let's eat first!"

It took Hester a long time to utter these words. Because she didn't know what kind of words the two of them could say to ease the atmosphere.

As Hester had said it, Thomas had to behave well. He had always been picky about food, but he concealed it perfectly and buried himself in dealing with the food on the plate.

Every time he saw the food that he didn't like to eat, he frowned slightly and then forced himself to eat. He was a good boy and couldn't let his mother know his picky eater.

The meal was very depressing. Hester lowered her head and had no appetite. The atmosphere in front of her was not depre

could only play dumb. Or, other than this, there was no better way.

Brother Austin had become very strange since he came back. As long as Terence was involved, he would always get angry inexplicably, but eventually return to peace.

Austin calmed down for a while and started the car again. The two of them fell into silence. They went home silently and got out of the cars respectively.

"Hester, you're back."

A low and hoarse voice sounded. With a dispirited look on his face, Jackson approached her. His eyes were bloodshot and looked at her joyfully with tiredness.

He hadn't seen her for just three days. How could he miss her so much?

"Why are you here?"

Austin's face was gloomy and his tone was unfriendly. If it weren't for this person, Hester wouldn't have been kidnapped for no reason. Melody was already a headache. Now her previous enemy came to visit her. It was really a windfall!

Ignoring Austin's cold words, Jackson looked at Hester eagerly. His dangling Heart for the past three days was quietly relieved.

Fortunately, she was fine!

"Hester, I'm relieved to see you like this!"

Subconsciously nodding, Hester looked at his haggard face and slightly raised her eyebrows. She walked slowly to him and met his charming eyes with a faint smile.

"I'm fine! It's not your fault!"

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