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   Chapter 674 Warning

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Wrapped in a warm embrace, Hester's tears crazily swept over. She grabbed the clothes around his waist tightly, and tears slowly fell.

Jackson frowned painfully and tightened his arms around her. His wine red hair was shining, mixed with demonic charm.

His dark eyes reflected a car driving away, and he sighed slightly.

"If I hadn't known you for a long time, I would have thought you were made of water. It's really scary!"

Hester smiled. Covering the corner of her mouth, she glared at Jackson and mercilessly hit him.

"I'm a girl after all. Why don't you behave like a gentleman at all?"

"Stop! Stop!"

Austin, who was not far away from them, saw this scene as a typical flirtation. He tightened his hand, blue veins standing out.


Hearing Austin's voice, Hester stopped playing with him and rushed into Austin's arms regardless of her numb legs.

She wrapped her arms around Austin's waist tightly.

"Brother Austin, you are finally here."

Austin frowned and felt extremely guilty.

"I'm sorry, Hester. It's all my fault. I didn't find you in the first place. You have suffered so much!"

Standing aside and looking at the scene in front of him, Jackson felt very dazzling. He looked at the guilty Austin and mocked himself.

Although he didn't know when Austin came, he must have the same feeling when he saw him and Hester just now!

"After going through such a big trouble, you can have a chat here! But it's getting late. Why don't you go home and have a talk?"

Being interrupted for no reason, Austin glared at him fiercely. He nodded and gently patted Hester's shoulder to comfort her.

"It's too deserted here. In order to avoid danger, we'd better go back first!"

Hester nodded obediently and allowed Austin to take her away.

Austin carefully protecte

d obstinate in your bones and blood!"

With an evil and attractive smile, Jackson said slowly, and he looked up at Austin firmly.

"Jackson, I warn you not to try to challenge my bottom line!"

Austin's body was covered with coldness, as if he wanted to cut the person in front of him into pieces to vent his anger.

"You should've known the whole story. I don't want to waste my breath! Fortunately, Hester was not hurt this time. Otherwise, how could I let you go so easily?"

He put his hand on Jackson's shoulder and warned him.

"As long as I'm here, I won't let Hester get involved in your mess. You'd better give up!

Don't forget your purpose of approaching Hester. What qualifications do you have to shout here?"

The wound was torn open. Instead of being a playboy, Jackson lowered his head with a depressed look. Although he tried his best to persuade himself to forget it, the fact was that he could not make any excuses.

"Austin, has anyone ever said that you are good at scolding others?"

Austin touched his glasses carelessly and his eyes were always covered with a layer of mist.

"Thank you for your praise, but please pay attention to your words and deeds in the future!"

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