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   Chapter 669 Trouble

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Terence snorted, ignoring Jackson's provocation. A pure black suit tightly wrapped his slender body, like a gloomy sky before a storm, making him very scaring.

"Jackson, I advise you not to challenge my bottom line again and again!"


Jackson looked into his dark eyes and sneered. He moved his feet slightly to close the distance between the two and spoke in a voice that the two could hear.

"I have been your opponent for many years. I think you should have a deep understanding of me. I don't know who I am, and I only know what I want. So your so-called bottom line is nothing to me!"

Then he left, leaving Terence alone in a daze. No one knew what he was thinking about.

In the deserted factory, there were several people quietly waiting for them. In the center of the factory, there were two people, one big and one small. They were both blindfolded and couldn't see the surrounding scene clearly.

Hester bowed slightly, trying her best to surround Thomas' petite body. She listened carefully to the sound around her and felt anxious.

"Do you want money or revenge? Could you please give me a hint?"

The echo gradually spread. The people around them glanced at each other, but they all chose to ignore it. They did what they were doing and turned a blind eye to her words.

Without a corresponding response, Hester became more and more anxious. However, her eyes were covered and couldn't be seen. She didn't know what kind of environment she was in. It was very difficult.

"Auntie April."

Thomas' soft voice made Hester more and more anxious. Sweat dripped from her forehead, and her hands were tied behind her back. She was gradually numb because of the chain.

"Thomas, don't be afraid. I will find a way to save you."

Thomas sighed and didn't debunk Hester. The distance between the two was very close. He could clearly feel that

nce you were involved, Hester would be the first one to suffer. I've investigated. Hester was with your son before the accident. Don't you know that?"

There was a trace of blood on his handsome face, which added a touch of evil charm to Terence for no reason. His eyes were scarlet, like a ferocious ghost crawling up from the dark hell. It was creepy and bloody.

"Austin, there must be a result between us three years ago. The sudden appearance of Hester had caused a great impact on me, so I had no time to ask you to settle it. So today, the situation is going to be settled."


A hint of mockery flashed across Austin's crazy face. Even if he was extremely angry, his scholar-like temperament was still obvious, but without the cover of his glasses, his eyes became clearer.

"I don't know whether Hester is alive or dead. Do you think I have time to be entangled with you here? Today, I just want to tell you that unless she is fine, or our Lin family will always be at daggers drawn with your Qi Group!"

Looking at the receding figure of Austin, Lisa hurried forward and handed the handkerchief to Terence.

"Sir, I have received a phone call just now. It's a little troublesome about the young master and Miss Hester!"

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