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   Chapter 666 What Do You Mean

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Hester was silent. Yam had asked her, but why did she need someone to answer in the end?

Well, if it were her, the final result would be very different.

"Miss Yam, Hester and I have something else to do. Please excuse us."

The familiar smile at the corners of Austin's mouth had disappeared. At this moment, his soaked eyes seemed to contain a deep glacier, making people hard to see through.

With a flicker in her eyes, Hester nodded in silence. Standing quietly behind Austin, she kept silent. She had never seen Austin so cold and unapproachable.

If it was her who stood on the opposite side of him today, she would not be able to bear it at all. Thinking of this, she was shocked. She grabbed his hand in panic and quietly tightened it.

No! This couldn't happen. Austin was the person she had been relying on so much. If he also abandoned her, then no one in the world would want her!

Noticing the abnormality of Hester, Austin's eyes darkened. He looked at Yam with impatience.

"Miss Yam, please behave yourself!"

Seeing that Yam still wanted to block the way, his tone was unconsciously filled with coldness. Hester was currently unstable. He should pay more attention to her than to these irrelevant people.

Yam clenched her fists and took a deep breath to calm herself down. Even when she was reduced to such a dirty place as a night club, she had never been ignored like this.

There was a stiff smile in the corner of her mouth, and she was even disgusted by her fake face, but she still wanted to be like this.

"Well, since you have something to do, I won't disturb you. Let's make an appointment another day!"

Hiding all the complex and difficult emotions in her heart, the smile on Yam's face never faded, and no clues could be seen.

After saying that, she nodded her head in an elegant manner. Before they could respond, she turned around and left.

gloomy mood gradually became clear. She raised her hand to tuck the short hair near her ear, turned around and strode away, ignoring the jealous eyes around her.

"I don't like to be supported. Just follow me!"

After entering the cafe, Hester chose a seat by the window and sat down. She rested her chin on one hand and looked out of the window. No one knew what she was thinking.

Since she came back, she had been bound by all kinds of things. She hadn't been so relaxed for a long time. Looking out of the window at the familiar hair color and skin color, she gradually accepted the fact that she had returned.

Three months had passed. Only today could she have such a leisure time.

"I heard that you resigned?"

Jackson said casually, stirring the coffee in his hand.

Hester sighed, rubbing her aching eyebrows. She had just resigned for a week. Why did she feel that the whole world knew about it?

"You can see that I'm free."


With a chuckle, Jackson looked at Hester with burning eyes, carefully looking for her difference, but he didn't know where to start.

Hester was still the same Hester, but she always felt that something had changed.

"You've been back for so long. Do you feel anything?"

"What do you mean?"

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