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   Chapter 646 I Was Wrong

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A hint of slyness flashed through Jackson's eyes. He knew that she was deliberately active the atmosphere, but he couldn't be happy because of her words.

She was the one who had the accident. Now it seemed that she was the one who had the opposite. He was not a person who would make a fuss, but what happened this time was too dangerous and scared him.

If the firefighters hadn't acted quickly, she would have been lying in the hospital today.

"If you really want to talk about taking advantage of me seriously, I think it should be you!"

He looked at Hester and said slowly with a faint smile.

Looking at the hand on his shoulder in silence, Hester's mouth twitched slightly. Who said that only women were narrow-minded? Actually men were the most annoying when it came to argue.

"It's self-defense, not taking advantage of you!"

Hester withdrew her hand angrily and looked at him seriously, defending herself. She was a professional lawyer. How could she lose to him?

Although he was a businessman, he was not a talkative man!

Jackson narrowed his eyes and smiled. He had put all his thoughts on his face, so how could she not guess? However, there were some things that he didn't want to care about. He quietly enjoyed the safety of the moment.

He had been looking forward to being able to get along with her peacefully like a real couple. He originally thought he was not that greedy, but since he met her, this matter was really a bit unclear.

"I think what you said is very reasonable. Since you have already condemned me, if I don't take the opportunity to confirm it, I'm afraid I will really suffer a loss!"

Speechless, Hester looked at him, unable to react. Was she molested? So aboveboard?

"I'm a little tired."

"Okay!" Jackson nodded slightly and answered Hester's words. He held her waist with one hand and walked slowly to the car. "Let me drive you home!"

Hearing th

Brother Austin, I'm hungry. I've been dealing with this matter all the time. I haven't had dinner yet!"

A dark light flashed in Austin's eyes. He sat quietly on the sofa and looked at Hester. Then he stood up and walked into the kitchen.

He rolled up his sleeves, took out the food from the fridge, bent down and carefully washed it. His hands trembled slightly, and the corners of his lips raised bitterly. Worried about her, he asked for leave from the hospital and rushed back.

It was not until he saw that she was fine that he gradually calmed down. But he really felt like a survivor from a disaster! And he couldn't help trembling.

He thought of sending someone to secretly monitor Melody and protect Hester. But only her own factors were left out. How could such a temperament really make him feel at ease?

"Brother Austin, I'm sorry. I promise it won't happen again!"

Hester, who had appeared at the door of the kitchen, said in a cautious tone. Austin came to his senses and looked at the tomato in his hand, which he had rubbed for a long time, with a self-mockery smile.


Hester frowned and rushed into the kitchen. She held his waist from behind and felt him trembling.

"I promise I won't do that again! I will deal with it carefully."

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