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   Chapter 643 Resignation

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"I know!"

Hester stood still, clenching her fists tightly to restrain something that was about to break out from the bottom of her heart, and said indifferently.

Lucas looked at Hester with deep eyes and sighed. She was usually mature and steady, but why did she do such an impulsive thing today?

However, people had their own secrets. He didn't want to find it out. He just hoped that she wouldn't be so impulsive in the future, or she would only hurt herself.

"I will hold a meeting later to sum up the matter. You can get ready!"

"Yes, sir!"

After all, it was a big mess. If Lucas didn't take any measures, she would always feel guilty.

Hester's heart was still heavy after coming out of the office. Standing in front of the window, she looked at the street outside and sighed.

The phone in her pocket was buzzing. She raised her eyebrows slightly and glanced at the caller ID, feeling a little nervous.

She had been worried that her colleagues in the law office would have some bad opinions on this matter, but she almost forgot the most important person.


"Are you okay?"

Austin's indifferent voice came into her ears through the telephone receiver, with a trace of unspeakable worry.

"Brother Austin, I'm fine. Don't worry!"

Leaning against the wall lazily, she answered in a low voice. She looked away and kicked the floor lightly with her tiptoes.

"It was just an accident. I didn't have any accident or get hurt. Don't listen to those TV dramas. They are all exaggerated. I will send them a lawyer's letter later."

She was comforting Austin, but after hearing it, he felt more and more depressed. He held the phone tighter and stood in the staircase with a complicated mood.

If he hadn't seen it on TV, would she never tell him? He knew that she was afraid of him worrying about he

e for her, she naturally did not want to implicate others.

"Miss April, why are you so upset? It's just that the party's disobedience has nothing to do with you. There's really no need to resign."

"Yes! We all understand. You can stay here!"

Everyone tried to persuade Hester to stay. Although they didn't like Lucas' care for her, they believed in her working ability.

"I really appreciate your trust, but I have made up my mind. Please forgive me!"

Hester remained unmoved. Since she had decided to fight back, she had to get rid of all the unnecessary burden and get ready to fight!

After the meeting, Lucas sat in his office with a serious face. Looking at Hester who nodded indifferently in front of him, he was extremely angry. He raised his hand and tapped the table with anger.

"You'd better explain it clearly to me and persuade me!"

Knowing that Lucas wouldn't give up, Hester sighed and looked up at him helplessly. Her eyes sparkled with a faint light, but she was very sincere.

"You have said that I look like you very much. Because if I want to help more people, I choose this job. Standing in the court, I look more like you.

I'm just as you can see, but now, I have something to do!"

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