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   Chapter 641 Falling Off The Building

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No one had expected that Hester would suddenly say something like that. Standing beside Hester, Terence frowned and felt that a gust of wind and a hint of clothes flashed in front of him, and the two people in front of him were gone.


With a loud shout, the blood all over his body condensed at a place, and his heart suddenly stopped beating. All of a sudden, he staggered and jumped down without hesitation.

Hester was dizzy and sat on the cushion. The impact of her falling at top speed made her ears buzzing. She rubbed her aching ear and heard another loud noise. Then she saw Terence looking at her anxiously.

"Why are you here?"

Hester raised her eyebrows and looked at Terence in confusion. She just couldn't stand this man threatening her with his life to achieve some bad goals. She was so anxious that she pulled him down.

The law office was a single floor, and it was only five floors high. Moreover, it had taken her a lot of time, and the air cushion under it had been filled for a long time. There was no danger even if she jumped down.

Terence stared at Hester coldly, and his body was still trembling. Just now, seeing her jumping down without hesitation, he was almost crazy.

Three years ago, when he heard the news of her death, he seemed to be drained of all his vitality in an instant, just sitting quietly aside.

"Are you okay?"

Although she didn't want to have anything to do with him, she thought it was necessary for her to care about him.

Grabbing the shaking hand in front of him, Terence pulled her into his arms, wishing to embed her into his body.

"How can you, how dare you..."

Hearing his confusing words, Hester frowned and widened her eyes. She sighed and patted him on the back.

"Since you have acrophobia, why did you jump down? I saw the cushion and

g like a child, she shook her head slightly and held Jessie in her arms. Jessie looked so steady at ordinary times, but she was still young, and there were some things that she couldn't bear.

Hester gently touched her face with her fingertips and wiped off the tears for her. She smiled helplessly.

"Well, I'm fine now. Stop crying, okay?"

It should be a happy thing. She really shouldn't have cried! Thinking of this, Jessie wiped her tears and smiled.

"Miss April is fine now. I should be happy. I really shouldn't cry."

Sitting next to Hester, Terence looked at Hester with a meaningful look. There were mixed feelings in his heart. Didn't she feel anything when he jumped downstairs with her without hesitation?

Sheryl went downstairs in a hurry. When she saw Hester lying on the ground from afar, her heart was instantly hanging in the air.

"Mr. Terence, are you okay?" She took a deep breath to calm herself down and asked in a low voice.

She had to keep her identity in mind all the time. She couldn't go beyond it, or it would easily arouse suspicion. Her grandfather hadn't agreed yet. She had to hold on!

"Mr. Terence, I hope you can handle it properly and avoid unnecessary trouble!"

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