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   Chapter 639 Care

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"I don't want to talk to you in private. You have to make it clear in front of everyone today. If you insist on asking for ten million, I will jump down from here!"

Being seen through, the man was ashamed into anger. He stood at the edge of the rooftop with excitement, his face flushed.

Looking at the man indifferently, Hester smiled with disdain. How stupid he was! It was so obvious, but he was still stubborn.

The reason why Melody came to him was that she had seen through him!

"Sir, as a lawyer, I can tell you now that the ten million dollars is not something you don't need to be responsible for after you die.

Of course, you can choose to jump down as you like. But have you thought about your wife and child?

Ten million is not a small amount. If they have to deal with it, the future will be really worrying!"

Hearing Hester's words, the man showed a trace of hesitation in his eyes. He could sacrifice his own life, but he couldn't leave his child and his wife behind.

As a husband and father, he was not qualified. Was he going to leave such a mess for them now?

Knowing that he had been affected by her words, Hester smiled faintly. It seemed that her plan worked. As long as his mind was in a mess, some things would naturally become much easier.

"As far as I know, your son is only five years old! Your wife is still young. Can you bear to see them suffer?

Oh, I almost forget, sir, you are famous for your dissoluteness. Even if you are not dead, their life is never good."

The man's temples throbbed. He admitted that he had gone too far before, but it was not a good feeling to be exposed like this.

"Shut up! You bitch! If you hadn't forced me in the court, I wouldn't have done this! It's all because of you,

d stand beside Hester, and this kind of scene would always unconsciously close the relationship between the two people. In a sense, he was still very grateful to the man.

When he was in a better mood, his attitude towards this man also changed.

"Sir, if you have any doubts about the judgment of the court, you can choose to appeal. We will definitely accompany you to go on.

Of course, it's okay if you want to solve it in private, but it's obviously not a good place to talk!"

There was a glimmer of hope in the man's eyes. Did Terence mean that he was wavering?

Thinking of that he didn't have to pay off such a huge debt, he couldn't help but feel happy, looking at Terence faintly.

"Do you mean there is still a discussion on this matter?"

With a slight nod, a trace of mockery flashed across Terence's face, but it disappeared so quickly that no one could catch it.


"What are you doing?"

Hester frowned and turned to look at Terence with disapproval. How could her hard results change easily? In that case, wasn't all her effort wasted in vain? Especially the other party was such a despicable person.

"Are you caring about me? "

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