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   Chapter 637 No Objection

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Ignoring Terence's words, Hester didn't say anything. If they had to look at each other with new eyes, she was afraid that the person in front of her really deserved it.

If it weren't for Terence's deliberate restraint, "evil and arrogant" would be more suitable for him. Silently disdaining the affected person in her heart, Hester nodded faintly.

"I want to thank Mr. Terence for your help, but I hope that Mr. Terence can take care of the matter there. Otherwise, it will have a great impact on the reputation of your company."

The smile in Terence's eyes disappeared as his fingertips touched between his eyebrows. She was really ruthless. He somehow sensed a hint of schadenfreude.

Maybe he thought too much, or maybe she was here to laugh at him?

"Have you recovered?"

He couldn't smell the medicine on her body, so she must have been okay! Since that day, he had sent someone to investigate and basically knew something.

A trace of doubt flashed through Hester's eyes. She raised her eyes and looked at him, frowning imperceptibly.

"Thank you for your concern, Mr. Terence. I've recovered."

"Are you going to keep me in the dark about the car accident?"

Looking at her indifferent side face, Terence felt a little unhappy. That day when he saw her in Austin's arms, he said something like that in a moment of anxiety. Later on, when he thought carefully, there were many loopholes.

She knew he would misunderstand her, but she didn't explain. Didn't she really care about his thoughts?

Looking at him fearlessly, Hester's eyes flashed a trace of ridicule. If it weren't for the fact that she was not allowed to laugh in the current situation, she really wanted to laugh a few times.

They had nothing to do with each other. Why should she tell him?

"I'm sorry that I didn't tell Mr. Terence about the car accident. But it's my personal affair after all. It's reasonable that I don't want more outsiders to know, so generally speaking, I didn't do anything wrong.

The litigant was standing beside the building. S

uth slightly and tried her best to hold back the smile on her face. Now she was at the center of the storm, so she must pay attention to her words and deeds all the time.

The reason why she was able to confront the reporters in a serious manner just now was that she had nothing to do with it. If she smiled now, she would really be in a passive position.

"Don't get us wrong. Mr. Terence means that we know that since he won't let us go."

After Hester's explanation, everyone was in even weirder silent. Were these two people really here to solve the problem? Why did they always feel that the two were coming to quarrel?

But judging from their serious faces, they didn't seem to be here to stir up trouble.

"Don't you have any other thoughts?"

The man's mouth twitched. After a long time, he said uncertainly. Clenching his trouser legs nervously, he asked in a low voice.

Hester and Terence shook their heads at the same time and looked at the person in front of them with no mercy. It was not that they were unreasonable, but that this person indeed went too far.

The policemen looked at each other in confusion. 'Are you sure you are here to settle, not to quarrel?' they thought. They all felt that this scene a little weird.

"We are very satisfied with the judgment of the court. It is fair. We have no objection!"

"That makes sense!"

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