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   Chapter 636 Have A New Appraisal Of You

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Hester sat in the taxi, tapping her knees with her fingertips. She looked relaxed, but in fact, she was not.

"Miss April, please come to the law office quickly. There is something wrong with Qi group's case."

Hearing Jessie's words, she raised her eyebrows slightly. In order to avoid unnecessary entanglement with Terence, she had carefully collected questions.

She was well prepared. How could there be any problem? What's more, the court has already pronounced the judgment and dismissed the appeal of the defendant. What's going on?

"Thanks," Hester said to the driver.

Seeing a lot of people gathering in front of the law office from afar, Hester took out a piece of money, handed it to the driver, and hurriedly got off the car. She casually put her bag on her body and looked at the people gathered around her in confusion.

"Miss April, you are finally here."

Jessie anxiously ran to Hester, held her hand and walked through the heavy flow of people towards the law office.

"The defendant in Qi group's case is now standing on the top floor, trying to kill himself. Since the police and reporters have come, I'm afraid that this matter would be more troublesome.

Lucas said that although you did a good job in the court and was eye-catching, it's not good for your reputation if the defendant dies.

As a lawyer, although it is necessary to have outstanding professional ability, you should also pay attention to your reputation. Please go upstairs and persuade him! Even if it's just a show, it's still good for you."

Hester frowned and didn't agree. She worked as a lawyer to help more people in need, not for fame and fortune. Even if she took over the case of Qi group, she didn't have any other thoughts for the sake of Lucas.

However, if that person jumped off the building, she was afraid that she will also feel uneasy in the future!

Shaking off Jessie's hand, He

you are in. Please be prepared!

Now the person involved in this matter wants to jump off the building, which has nothing to do with me. Everyone should be responsible for the mistakes they have made. It's more shameful for him to not cherish his own life and even use it to threaten others!"

After the speech, all the reporters pulled a long face. Miss April looked gentle and weak, but her tone was really powerful!

The silence around was weirder. After all, Terence just said it casually out of threat. However, Hester's method was more thorough. It was obvious that she had issued an ultimatum.

"You are all people who can lead the public opinion. If you can't tell the truth, but speak in order to gain a good audience rating, I don't know how many people will be indirectly damaged!

Today, I'm just trying to protect my reputation, and I can't do anything about it. If you think my behavior is appropriate and deliberately appeal. I will definitely accompany you to the end!"

Looking at the group of people who were at a loss, Hester sneered. She nodded slightly and said something more embarrassing with a gentle smile on her face.

Terence raised his eyebrows, with a faint smile on his lips.

"Miss April, I really have a new appraisal of you!"

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