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   Chapter 635 Be Careful

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Austin stood in front of the window and looked at the backyard of the hospital where people came and went. A trace of contemplation flashed through his eyes. He tapped his fingertips and thought about something.

"Dr. Austin, it's time to make the rounds of the wards."

His eyes flashed and he came back to his senses. Austin nodded slightly.

"I'm sorry. It's my fault."

The nurse looked at Austin and her face flashed a suspicious red. She lowered her hand shyly and rubbed the medical record in her hand.

"It doesn't matter. I just checked the time and came to ask!"

Regardless of the little nurse's difference, Austin wouldn't spend too much time on women other than Hester. He calmly took the medical record from her hand and left first.

His slender fingers slightly skimmed over the paper. He opened one page of the case, abandoned all the distractions, and began to work hard.

Although Hester was an untouchable part of his heart, since he had chosen to be a doctor, he naturally had an indelible sense of responsibility to shoulder the responsibility.

"Brother Austin, you are here!"

Hearing the noise at the door, Hester turned around and saw Austin. She smiled slightly.

Nodding slightly, Austin closed the medical record in his hand and walked slowly to her. He looked at her slightly red eyes with burning eyes, and his fingertips gently touched her cheeks.

"Are you not feeling well?"

Raising her eyebrows in confusion, Hester looked at Austin's long eyelashes and was surprised. She covered her face with her hands unconsciously, with a tangled expression on her face.

Although she had cried secretly before, she came back after wiping her tears! She looked at herself in the mirror. Did she miss something?

"I'm in good health! Brother Austin, why do you ask me this question all of a sudden? Don't lie to me just because you are a doctor!"

The corner of Sara's mouth twitched slightly. She raised her hand to cover the corner of her mouth and looked at the two people who were showing off their love un

ent, Allen would not trust Hester so easily. If Sara was allowed to leave the hospital without permission, he was afraid that Allen would really hate Hester!

Hester's swaying heart was finally settled. She shrugged helplessly, indicating that she could do nothing. Allen looked like gentle, but when he was angry, it was hard to deal with.

"Well, it's not that I don't want you to leave the hospital, but you are in a special situation now. You have to get the permission from your family!

Of course, they won't take my words. If you have to leave the hospital, how about I call Allen now to ask for his opinion?"

The fire in Sara's eyes went out in an instant. She lowered her head listlessly, looked at the quilt on her body with a sad face and took a deep breath.

"No, I just said it casually. Don't take it seriously!"

'Don't make fun of me!' Sara thought to herself. If Austin really called Allen at this time today, she was afraid that he would urge her to live here directly until the day of childbirth. Since she was pregnant, she had been staying at home all the time. And Allen was worried about her.

Now he was living in the hospital, with doctors and nurses, and Hester accompanying her every day. How could he agree her to leave?

Looking at Sara's bitter face, Hester understood immediately.

"I think I know the reason. Be careful!"

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