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   Chapter 634 I Hate You

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With a kettle in her hand, Hester left the ward. However, she was still worried. There was only Sara left in the ward summary. Would there be an accident?

The corner of that person's clothes had been lingering in her mind. At the same time, it left a shadow on her heart.


When she was lost in thought, she accidentally bumped into a person. Hester couldn't help but shout and stabilize her body. She raised her hand to tuck her hair behind her ear and looked down at the ground.

"I'm sorry!"

She said an apologetic word casually and was about to leave, but her arm was firmly grabbed, which restricted her movement. She raised her eyebrows slightly and looked up at the pair of deep black eyes.

"Mr. Terence, what a coincidence!"

Hester's body was forcefully suppressed. She smiled politely and distantly.

Terence looked at Hester gloomily, raising his eyebrows imperceptibly. He pursed his lips and tightened his hands slightly. She had obviously lost some weight in just a week.

Her plump chin was sunken and her eyes were bloodshot. She looked a little haggard. Her hair was just casually draped over her back, looking listless.

"What happened?"

"Thank you for your concern, Mr. Terence. But it's my personal affair and it's not convenient to tell you. I have something else to do, so I have to go now."

Hester nodded and said softly, forcing herself to suppress the burning anger in her heart. Melody did it because of the person in front of her.

She had left for three years. She didn't know what happened between them later. Besides, Thomas was so pitiful that he had to bear some problems left behind by his parents at such a young age.

However, she was unable to protect herself now. How could she have the mood to sympathize with other people's children?

The hand holding Hester's arm exerted force slightly, and a hint of darkness flashed across Terence

rows slightly, forcing herself to maintain a calm smile, ignoring his deliberate increase in strength.

"I'm afraid Mr. Terence has forgotten that I'm Sakura, not Hester as you said. Please remember it in the future!"


With a sneer, Terence let go of Hester's arm and staggered with a rare disappointment.

"I'm asking for trouble!"

Then he turned around and left. Under the light, his long body slowly stretched out with a trace of loneliness.

Hester breathed heavily, and there was still the smell left by that man in the air. She slowly slid down the wall to the ground, tightening the grip on the kettle.

"I hate you, Terence!"

A low voice gradually spread out in the corridor, with a strong suffocating hatred. She had never really hated anyone, even her father who treated her mother like that.

But now, she clearly knew that her hatred for a person at this moment was so great that it could destroy her and wipe out all the good things in her past.

Her nails pierced into her palms, but the pain could not calm her down. Her hatred for Melody extended to Terence, as if she had found an outlet in her heart.

She didn't want to see him and recall everything in the past. Her hands curled up in a corner.

"I hate you, Terence!"

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