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   Chapter 632 Brother

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Noticing that he was too excited, Austin's eyes flashed and slowly let go of Hester's shoulder. Taking a deep breath to calm himself down, he slowly raised his head and looked into Hester's eyes.

"I'm sorry. I was too excited."

She couldn't calm down as long as she thought of the fact that she was stalked. When he knew that Melody had gone out, he should have sent someone to protect her secretly, and this would not happen later.

These messy things could have been avoided, but it was all his negligence that caused this situation. He felt somewhat guilty.

Hester nodded with a hint of understanding in her eyes. The reason why Brother Austin was so excited was that he blamed himself. He blamed himself for not taking things into account and for his mistakes.

"Brother Austin, it was you who comforted me just now. Why did our position change so much in a short time?"

Hester's seemingly relaxed teasing did not ease Austin's burden, but made him feel even heavier. He didn't know how she felt behind her smile, nor could he understand it.

But looking at her like this, he felt very sad. The reason why he made such a selfish decision was that he didn't want to see her suffer.

But now that things had turned out to be like this, it was against his previous will. Although there was a child between her and Terence, there was actually no connection at all. Why should she bear all the pain?

Melody was so overbearing that she did whatever she wanted. She never reflected on herself and put the blame on others. It was really dangerous.

"Don't worry, Hester! I will never allow Melody to do anything bad to you again. I will protect you well."

Hester heard Austin's anxious and firm voice, and a warm current slowly poured into her heart. Even if th

a hurry. She was pregnant now! She couldn't do that.

"Yes, yes! Don't worry. I will reflect on myself after I go back. Don't be excited. Don't be excited! Allen looked at me as if he had a deep grudge against me because of that thing. Do you think that he is too good to me and wants to add fuel to the fire?"


Sara raised her eyebrows with disdain. She didn't agree with Hester's words. Allen was narrow-minded, but if he dared to speak ill of Hester again, she would not let him go.

However, she had something more important to do now, so she naturally didn't care about these tiny things.

"Don't try to interrupt. I can help you with Allen. Should you tell me what happened between you and Austin now?

You've been dawdling for three years. What the hell do you think? Don't you feel anything when such a good man is in front of you?"

Hester nodded slightly, her waist length hair hanging down softly, covering her face, making it difficult to see her expression clearly. In the emotional world, people were always unreasonable.

Just as she loved Terence before, there was no reason to make it clear.

"Brother Austin is my brother. He is different!"

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