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   Chapter 629 Ample Opportunities

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"Dad, what's wrong with you?"

Thomas raised his head. Terence's tall figure was reflected in his bright eyes, but a hint of sadness could be seen. At such a young age, he didn't understand what his father thought, but he felt a little depressed.

Without moving a little, Terence smiled with self-mockery. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

He was very depressed. His chest was stuffy and uncomfortable, but it was hard to explain. The images of her being with Austin flashed through his mind, destroying his nerves.

He could stand her being with Jackson, smiling lightly, but he could never stand the scene that she was with Austin.

That man's love for her scared him. Women were all emotional. How could she not know that he had done so much for her?

"Thomas, maybe your mother will never come back in this life!"

Thomas' tears were swirling in his eyes, but he was unwilling to cry. He clenched his fists, and his starry eyes gradually lost their light.

"Did mom say that herself?"

"She didn't say that in person. It's just that something has changed too much, and there will always be mistakes. People are the most unpredictable. I can't think of what she will do, but I just think so!"

"Does that mean mom might come back?"

Thomas didn't understand what his father meant, so he just felt reluctant. However, there was still hope in his heart. If his mother didn't personally say that, there would still be some hope!

Hearing Thomas' naive words, Terence turned around and looked into his eyes. A faint smile slowly appeared on his cold thin lips.

"Yes! Everything is just my wishful thinking. Maybe she doesn't think so!"

With his eyebrows raised slightly, Thomas seemed to see a huge fox smiling cunningly. He couldn't help sighing in his heart and finally knew why Uncle Aron said that his father had always be

she guarantee that she would not go crazy the next moment? Although her father had denied the fact that she was insane, everyone knew it.


Melody squinted dangerously and looked at the man, breathing faster and faster, mixed with anger. Her tone rose slightly, and her body was enveloped by a malicious aura.

She hated to hear this sentence the most, but she didn't give up to verify it. She didn't believe that Terence would be so determined to her, nor did she believe that there was no possibility between them.

She didn't think she had done anything wrong. The only thing she regretted was that she killed the child in anger and cut off the only connection between them.

"It's none of your business here. You can go out first!"

In a trance, she looked up at the person in front of her and said softly. The man nodded calmly, but his slightly relaxed back easily revealed his emotions.

Melody didn't move at all. She just nodded and looked at the man's back. She walked slowly to the dressing table and looked at herself in the mirror.

Her skinny face made her eyes more desolate. When she stared at a person seriously, she always looked gloomy. Then she picked up something and smashed it hard.


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