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   Chapter 627 She Is Very Good

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"Hester has been away for so long. Why hasn't she come back yet?"

There was a weird silence in the ward because of Sara's words. Austin's heart sank and he couldn't help tightening his hands.

"Is it possible that the man didn't give up and came to the hospital?"

Thinking of this possibility, Sara felt restless. She struggled to get out of the bed. At this critical moment, she must be with Hester!

"What are you doing?"

A gloomy voice sounded, and a glimmer of light flashed through Allen's glasses. Looking at Sara who was about to stand up, he tightened her hands. She couldn't even protect herself now. Why didn't she behave herself?

Looking at her husband's gloomy face, Sara sat back on the bed dejectedly and curled the corners of her mouth, feeling a little unhappy. Even though she was worried about Hester, she was still a little resistant to him.

Allen nodded slightly and adjusted the pillow on her back.

"Just tell me what you want to do. I'll do it for you. There's no need to risk your health. I'll be worried!"

"Got it." nodding obediently, Sara narrowed her eyes and looked at the intertwined fingers. Her eyes were slightly wet.

Although she had been married to Allen, he had always been gentle and elegant. Occasionally, he would show his anger and indifference, which always made her feel that he did not love her.

But what happened today made her calm down in an instant.

"Why is there a smell of marshmallow in the air?"

Hester joked when she saw Sara nodding in silence. Everyone in this world was an independent individual, but as long as they met the other half, it seemed that everything could not become irresistible!

"You are back."

The moment the door was opened, Austin's and Hester's eyes met. With a gentl

us about what had happened.

However, facing a person who had just come back from the edge of life and death, was it a little difficult to say anything like that?

Allen glanced at Hester indifferently, and the corners of his lips curved up viciously. For him, Hester was just a familiar stranger.

But for Sara's sake, he didn't overreact to this matter. However, it was the only reason, and the rest was meaningless.

"I know what I want to do now, but, Miss Hester, this is our family matter. Even if she is your friend, you absolutely have no right to interfere in our affairs!"

Allen's words were like a knife. Although it was not sharp, it still inserted into Hester's heart. She trembled slightly and lowered her head with guilt.

"Allen, I'm fine now! Don't be so aggressive here. No one is responsible for this. Don't talk nonsense!"

Seeing the disappointment and guilt on Hester's face, Sara was shocked and retorted fiercely. Hester had always been cold, but her inner attached great importance to feelings.

No one was willing to let this happen, but Sara was afraid that Hester would take things too hard and stay there forever.

"Hester is very good!"

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