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   Chapter 590 Anger

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Terence took a deep breath, and his mind went blank, losing all the ability to think. His ears were buzzing. He repeated what Jackson had said, which tightly bound his heart. It was so painful that he lost all the feelings.

"What did you say?"

His gloomy tone seemed to be able to squeeze out water. It was dark all over his body, making people unable to see clearly, but at the same time, they would feel a headache.

Hester's hand paused for a moment, but she didn't say anything to stop him from talking nonsense. Maybe after such a thing, he could completely stop pestering her!

This broken emotion should have been solved long ago. Although it had been delayed for three years, the good thing was that it didn't go on.

Looking at the back of Hester, a hint of slyness flashed through Jackson's eyes and a provocative smile appeared at the corners of his mouth. Now that she didn't care about her reputation, did it mean that he could continue to be presumptuous?

"It seems that Mr. Terence is really tired recently, and your hearing is not very sensitive. My girlfriend is very tired, so she won't keep you for tea. I will invite you to my house some other day. Why don't you go back today?"

"Mr. Jackson's way of entertaining guests is really strange, even driving the guests out!"

Gnashing his teeth, Terence was on the verge of collapse. He stood there with a nervous look on his face. He wished he could rush to Jackson and tear him into pieces the next second.

Originally, Terence was a little sorry for his family background, but today he had no mercy at all. Perhaps he should have killed them all in the beginning, instead of staying here to disgust him now.

"The way to entertain guests?"

Jackson slightly raised his eyebrows and smiled. His thin lips twitched, and his flawless teeth were too shining.

"At most, Mr. Terence is just a partner of Sakura. If you are not a guest, w

She is not your mother!"

Such words were indeed cruel to a three-year-old child. Hester raised her eyebrows disapprovingly, took a step forward, shook off Terence's hand, and protected Thomas in her arms.

"What are you doing? Thomas is still young. It's reasonable for her to rely on his mother. How could you be so cruel to him?!"

"Miss Sakura, this is between father and son. It's none of your business of the outsider!"

Terence's face darkened as he looked into Hester's angry eyes. He said these words calmly without any emotion, deliberately stressing the two words of "the outsider", like a slap in Hester's face.

Jackson stood leisurely with his arms crossed over his chest. As if he was watching a play, he didn't stop her. Anyway, the fiercer the two quarreled, the more beneficial it would be to him. He thought he would like to see this happen!

"For Mr. Terence, I am indeed a dispensable outsider. But I'm sorry that we two are going to have a rest. Please leave as soon as possible!"

Discontentedly glancing at Jackson, Hester was very angry. The current situation was already chaotic. Why didn't he move forward?

She didn't speak before because she wanted to see him help her out, but now the situation had changed, so she had to be cautious.

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