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   Chapter 588 Meet Each Other

Again, My Love By Mo Xin Characters: 6265

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Terence held the steering wheel tightly, feeling both uneasy and flustered. Looking up at the window shining with warm light, he lost the courage to go up for a moment.

He admitted that if he hadn't seen Austin tonight, he wouldn't have taken Thomas here out of control. His son was still young, but Terence told him the truth cruelly. How could he bear it?

"Thomas, will you blame me?"

He murmured with uncertainty and fear. His heart was already riddled with holes. He was afraid that he couldn't bear another blow.

Thomas raised his eyebrows in confusion, but shook his head obediently. He never cared about this. He just wanted to see his mother and ask her why she abandoned him at that time.

As for the rest, he was not in the mood to think, nor could he think. He couldn't understand the world of adults, he wouldn't force himself to understand it either.

"I won't blame Dad!"

Perhaps it was because Thomas had inherited the advantages of Hester, he had never asked for anything. Terence exhaled slowly and felt ridiculous.

He, Terence, would fall into the hands of others one day, and he had never cherished her. This feeling was very subtle.

"Dad, let's go upstairs to find mom!"

Holding his father's hand, Thomas smiled bitterly, but was still obedient and lovely. There were some other emotions in his clear eyes, but they were unpredictable.

Nodding his head slowly, Terence got off the car slowly, with his big palm wrapped in Thomas' cold little hand, and his heart was filled with constant pain.

It was only four floors, but he felt as if he had walked for a long time and was very tired. They had been in a stalemate for such a long time. He wondered if she would compromise and admit it.

Thomas couldn't wait to break away from her father's hand. He ran to the door in three steps, slapping it hard. The tears that had been

k him here recklessly. Did he want to use the self-injury trick to force her?

With this idea in her mind, her originally calm state of mind was broken, and there was a faint sense of anger. No matter what happened between them, they couldn't take advantage of their children, could they?

It was just a tangle of love and hatred between the three of them. Why did he involve an innocent life? She had already lost two children. Would the third one be involved?

Terence's eyes darkened, and the anger in her tone was so obvious. Since they met, she had been gentle and never got angry. Except politeness and alienation, she had no other feelings for him.

But today, she was so angry that she talked to him in such a strong tone. Did it mean that she did not want to continue that cruel game?

"He got wet in the rain. Maybe he really had a fever."

In a trance, he heard himself calmly and stiffly say this sentence slowly.

Hester was slightly stunned, and then raised the corners of her mouth, looking at the person in front of her with a faint smile. She was very angry. He had been a father for three years. Why didn't he know how to take care of his child?

"Thomas is still so young. Why did you let him get wet in the rain?"

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