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   Chapter 568 Found Her

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The noisy footsteps approached slowly. Melody wrapped her arms around her legs and curled up on the ground. Her hair was disheveled and she was covered in the shadow.

"She is here. Come here quickly!"

A surprised voice sounded, and the sound of close footsteps approached quickly, surrounding Melody, but no one dared to help her up.

Since she moved into the sanatorium, many nurses had been injured by her, but her identity was special. Every time someone was injured, he or she could get a lot of compensation, so everyone simply let her go.

But she couldn't her strength. As time went by, everyone would be very careful when they met her, as if they were afraid of something unexpected.

When everyone was holding their breath, Melody, who was sitting on the ground, slowly raised her head and coldly glanced at everyone as if they were facing a formidable enemy. The corners of her lips slightly raised with a hint of mockery.

"I'll go back to the ward myself. Call my father and tell him that I want to see him!"

After saying that indifferently, Melody stood up from the ground, ignored the dust on her body, turned around and left.

The nurses looked at each other and carefully followed her. Standing at the door and looking at her back, they were stiff and sweating.

Standing by the window and looking at the lush forest outside, Melody's mood suddenly became very sad. The man she loved with all her strength was so disdainful of her.

She didn't know how to express her feelings. She just felt it was ridiculous. The man she held in her palms turned out to be disdainful to her. This huge psychological gap really made her feel at a loss.

"Clean up the room!"

She turned around and met the nurse's frightened eyes. The corners of her mouth slightly raised, and inexplicably she had a gentle temperament surrounding her.

Becky pushed the door open in a hurry and saw Austin looking at Hester with a gentle face. The scene was so quiet that no on

odded and left the ward.

Austin narrowed his eyes and slowly walked into the ward. He stared at Melody with a faint smile on his face.

He had always been concerned about Melody's situation. He knew that Terence had sent her to a sanatorium, but he didn't know that she would become like this.

"Long time no see, Dr. Austin!"

Knowing that she had no manners at all, Melody directly ignored the uncomfortable feeling in her heart. A pale smile appeared on her face.

Austin nodded slightly and looked at Melody, standing aside lazily. There was no strange feeling, as if the person in front of him was the same as before.

"Miss Melody, it seems that you have a hard time recently!"

Her heart trembled. Melody clenched her fists and her chest heaved violently. She took a deep breath and suppressed the rage in her eyes.

Even if she ended up like this, no one would trample on her. No one could look down upon her as she was the apple of the eye.

"No one knows the joy of fish. Dr. Austin is not me, how could you know that my life is not good? Or, why don't you think that I like this kind of life?"


Austin sneered. He suddenly felt that she looked so ridiculous. He stood aside in a gentle manner, with burning eyes.

"Miss Melody likes the fun of self-abuse, I dare not compliment!"

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