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   Chapter 567 Kill You

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Hester was surprised. That person had been walking around her just now, and she had touched her many times during the walk. Although her current situation was not optimistic, the most basic thing could be sensed.

But since the nurse had said it confidently, she could no longer argue with her.

On the other side, a woman turned the corner and came to a hidden staircase. She leaned against the wall and sat on the ground slowly. The wide hospital gown covered her body, making her look even thinner.

She sat on the ground in a daze, looking incredulous. She wrapped her arms around her knees and tried to curl up. The familiar face in her mind kept torturing her fragile nerves.

"Hester, you are not dead!"

Hester, who was checking, shivered for no reason. She raised her hand and gently rubbed the tip of her nose, looking baffled.

"Why do you feel a little cold all of a sudden?"

Hearing her murmur, the nurse quickly put a blanket on her body.

"You are too weak now. It's normal for you to feel cold. Don't worry!"

"Becky, aren't the eighteenth bed patient here for a routine examination? Did you see her?" As soon as the nurse finished speaking, Hester only heard that the door was pushed open in a hurry, with a trace of tremble, as if something very important had happened.

"No." The nurse called Becky looked at her in confusion and shook her head slightly. "I didn't see the patient of eighteenth bed!"

Hester heard the conversation between the two. She turned her head and felt that the disgusting symptoms were alleviated.

"Well, before you came here, I seemed to meet a person here, but because of dizziness, I couldn't see her face clearly."

"That must be her. The eighteenth bed patient has always been very anxious. If she runs out, we will definitely be punished."

The nurse walked back and forth in the r

appearance. Even if she stood in front of a familiar person, she would be recognized!

"Since you are already dead, why do you suddenly appear! You ruined my life three years ago. Do you still want to get involved in it? Or do you just dislike me and want to laugh at me?"

Her face was flushed and flickered with a faint light, looking extremely fierce. Her chest heaved violently, and her heavy breath echoed in the whole staircase, with an overwhelming sense of pressure, suffocating.

She grabbed her clothes tightly as if she was venting her anger. She had never thought that Hester would come back and stand in front of her.

She had thought that even if Terence knew what she had done, he would at most be angry, but she didn't expect that he would send her to a sanatorium.

The life here was monotonous, and there was no chance for her to make up, let alone the few times he had come here in the past three years. She was very clear every day. She just hoped that Terence could change his mind when looking at her messy appearance.

She was waiting for an opportunity, or perhaps she was betting on her youth. As long as she won this round, she would finally turn the tables.

"Hester, you bitch, I must kill you!"

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