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   Chapter 566 No One

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Hester wandered alone in the empty corridor, thinking of Terence's cold words. She didn't know how she walked out of the office, and every step she took was particularly heavy.

"Why do you look so bad? Did he embarrass you?"

Seeing Hester come out in a daze, Austin hurried forward, holding her shoulders tightly with both hands, and asked worriedly.

Hearing Austin's voice, Hester turned her eyes and gradually regained her consciousness. She raised her head slowly and looked into his dark eyes, tears streaming down unconsciously.

"Brother Austin, I want to take a walk in the countryside. Can you accompany me?"

"Okay!" The faint whisper gradually dissipated with the breeze, mixed with Austin's love and care for her.

The two of them slowed down and drove on the main road in the suburb. The lush trees on both sides of the road were full of vitality, making people feel relaxed.

Hester was tired, lying on the seat. Her eyes lazily swept over the trees and flowers aside, and the depressed mood in her heart gradually dissipated.

"Brother Austin, let's have a try!"

Listening to Hester's whispered words, Austin's hand was unstable, and the car was able to show a curve on the road. The whole body leaned forward.

He quickly turned the steering wheel and pulled over at the roadside. Austin's chest heaved violently and looked straight ahead in surprise.

Because of the safety belt, Hester was not thrown out. The strong reaction made her hit the seat hard and she cried out in pain.

When he came to his senses, Austin leaned over anxiously and tucked her messy hair behind her ears, frowning tightly.

"I'm sorry, Hester. Are you okay? Are you not feeling well? Where did you hit?"

Hester covered her temples and felt dizzy. Now she was even more dizzy because of Austin's series of questions.

"I'm fine. Don't wo

a long time, but she didn't hear any response. Hester thought the person was frightened by her current situation, so she took a deep breath and tried to slow down her tone, without a sharp

"I'm sorry. I'm a little dizzy now and can't see clearly, so I have to bother you. I'm sorry! But that gentleman is really important to me. Please..."

Before she could finish her words, Hester's hand was ruthlessly brushed away. Her arm drooped with the force, and Hester frowned tightly.

Turning her head, she could only see the back of that person, but she could not see it clearly.

"It's so strange. Why do I always feel that I have seen her before?"

"Miss Hester, we are having an examination now. You may feel a little uncomfortable halfway, but please endure it!"

The sudden words interrupted her thoughts. Hester's eyes flashed, and she gradually woke up from confusion.

"Well, didn't you just have an examination? There was a nurse who was walking around me just now. She touched my body sometimes"

The nurse was also surprised to hear Hester's words. She was a nurse in charge of inspection, and generally no one would be allowed to come in here.

"Maybe you misunderstood, Miss Hester. No one was there just now."

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