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   Chapter 565 Negotiation

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"The meeting will begin in half an hour!"

"I'm far from the city center now. It's impossible for me to get there in half an hour Hello! Hello! "

Depressed, Hester put down her phone. She took a deep breath before barely suppressing her anger. She clenched her fists and her temples were throbbing violently because of the emotional ups and downs.

"What's wrong?"

Sweat began to form in his palms. Austin carefully hid his feelings for fear that he would unconsciously reveal his strong uneasiness.

The voice was so familiar that it was like a nightmare for him. Terence, the name that followed closely like a magic spell, scared him very much.

Hester took a deep breath and tried to suppress her anger. She turned around and looked at Austin with a forced smile.

"Brother Austin, please send me to Qi Group!"

Hester's eyes twinkled, and his long and thick eyelashes covered the emotions in them. Austin nodded slightly, started the engine and turned the car around.


It was supposed to be a happy time between two people, but it was destroyed because of the call together. Hester's heart was a little heavy without the joy before she came.

"Miss April, Mr. Terence is already in the meeting room. Hurry up!"

Sheryl looked at Hester indifferently, put her hands in front of her and nodded slightly. Sheryl's body was trembling and she couldn't face Hester so peacefully.

Raising her hand to tuck the short hair near her ear, Hester hid her emotions. There was a decent smile on Hester's face, and no difference could be seen at all.

She and Terence are strangers now, so she must act very calm. As long as there was no trace of Hester, even if he suspected, it was useless.

"Secretary Sheryl, thank you. I'll be right there!"

Hester's eyes were tightly locked on the door of the meeting room, and she felt very quiet. She heard her own heartbeat, as if the world inside was very different.

Her hand that was pushing the door wa

erence stood up and left. He didn't have to force her in this way, but because there was really no way.

She was so cold that she couldn't wait to escape. Her words hurt his heart. Now Terence was like a person who had been trapped in the desert for a long time. He was as hungry as a wolf, eager to pounce on her and eat her alive.

With a helpless sigh, Hester frowned tightly. But she still followed him into the CEO's office and sat stiffly aside.

There was a strange atmosphere between them. They looked at each other without saying anything. It was indeed embarrassing. Terence lazily leaned against the side, looking at Hester with burning eyes.

He almost blurted out the question that day, but was interrupted by Jackson. Now seeing her sitting opposite him as if nothing had happened, he didn't have the courage to question her.

If he asked her that day, would it mean that the two of them would completely break up? Terence crossed his hands on his legs, with a complex and indescribable state of mind.

"Miss April, this infringement case is very important to Qi Group. I hope you can put all your attention into it!

Since Lucas had recommended you to me with all his strength, it means that you have real talents and practical skills. I hope you can improve the prestige of our Qi Group! "

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