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   Chapter 560 Fool

Again, My Love By Mo Xin Characters: 6473

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"Can we have a talk?"

The corners of Jackson's thin lips were slightly raised, and his beautiful eyes were shining with a faint star light, slowly falling on him. Jackson stood against the light, making it difficult to see his expression clearly.

The two looked at each other in silence for a long time. Austin took a deep breath and nodded slightly.

They randomly found a cafe and sat down. Leaning against the table lazily, Jackson tapped his fingertips gently on the table and looked at the person in front of him perfectly.

Jackson had never expected that Austin would do such a thing, which was not his style at all.

"Dr. Austin, although we don't know much about each other, I still can't believe that you will do that!"

Austin stirred the coffee with his hand trembling slightly, and his eyes flashed, returning to calm. The only thing he had done was that three years ago. It seemed that he couldn't hide it anymore!

"Mr. Jackson, you must be joking. You are a good example of having two faces!"


Jackson sneered. Looking at Austin, Jackson took a sip of coffee. The bitter taste made him happy both physically and mentally.

"Maybe we are the same kind of people."

"Although it's impolite, I don't want to be a person like Mr. Jackson. Even if I have done something, there is still too much helplessness. You can't mix them up! "

Austin said calmly, looking at Jackson with a gleam in his eyes. Austin couldn't forget what Jackson had done to Hester, and was even more unforgivable than Terence.

"Or, it's not too much to say you ungrateful."

Instead of getting angry, Jackson laughed and sat lazily on the sofa. A trace of cruelty flashed across Jackson's long and narrow eyes, and soon disappeared, without a trace.

"Maybe Dr. Austin is being polite. There should be other more appropriate metaphor!"

"What on earth do you want?"

Austin felt like sitting on pins and needles

nge really made her feel strange.

Although his facial expressions were not very rich before, now he gave people the feeling that he was really too cold, like a cold machine without emotions, making people's back numb.

Looking through the documents in his hand, Terence's face became more and more gloomy. His fingertips were slightly cyan, and his eyes were covered with a layer of ice.

In order to avoid meeting him, Hester even sorted out several plans for him to choose. Was it really so unbearable to stay with him in her heart?

"Miss April, is this the plan you made overnight?"

Terence threw the documents on the table and took a deep breath. The veins on his forehead bulged slightly.

Calmly facing his deep gaze, Hester nodded slightly. Was he unsatisfied it?

"I have never involved in any infringement case. If Mr. Terence is not satisfied with my plan, I can ask my master to take over. "

"Do you really think I'm that easy to fool in your mind? Are you two pushing the responsibilities away from each other?"

With a cold smile at the corners of his mouth, Terence pulled his face slightly, revealing a stiff smile, which made Hester's back numb. Terence turned the ring with his fingertips. Looking at Hester's indifferent expression, he was very angry.

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