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   Chapter 558 Consent

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With a sneer, Terence stared at the photos on the table and felt impatient. He clenched his fists and his face was covered with a layer of coldness.

"Hester, good for you!"

Hearing his gloomy words, the man in black couldn't help trembling. He closed his eyes to avoid Terence's burning and frightening eyes, and his back was numb.

After a short period of emotional loss, Terence took a deep breath and managed to regain his sanity. He raised his hand and waved it gently, indicating the man to leave.

He was the only one left in the big office. His fingertips slowly skimmed over the photos, and the corners of his mouth cruelly raised. She was so eager to get rid of him, and the worst thing was that Jackson was also involved. It was really a headache!

"I will not make your wish come true."

In the meeting room of the headquarter of the Gu Consortium, Jackson stood out. He looked more valiant and heroic in front of a group of bald uncles.

He leaned against the side, playing with a pen in his hand, and his eyes swept past everyone present.

"What? Do you have any idea about my proposal?"

Everyone looked at each other and frowned, as if they were facing a major crisis. However, in fact, they were indeed thinking about one thing.

The director of the planning department hesitated. Their department had devoted the most effort to the company. If they wanted to say the right to speak, no one was more suitable.

"Mr. Jackson, we have invested too much in this case to fight against Qi Group. If it is pushed out now, our previous efforts will be in vain. Isn't it a pity?"

Everyone nodded in agreement and thought what he said was reasonable. Gu Consortium and Qi Group had been in a stalemate for a long time. The employees of the two families were born with a trace of confrontation.

With his eyebrows slightly raised, Jackson slowly put the pen in his hand on the table. He glanced at everyone present with a serious expression on his face.

the screen and said slowly.

"Father, please don't be angry. Let me explain!"

Thinking that his attitude might be a little excited, the man raised his hand to straighten his tie, and his face softened as he looked at Jackson.

"I trust you, but I won't let you do whatever you want. The painstaking efforts of Gu family for generations can't be easily wasted by you."

"I was too impulsive before. Please don't be angry! Next, I will adjust the policy and let the Gu Consortium take over the domestic market again."

Lowering his head quietly, Jackson explained patiently. He didn't want to disappoint the people on the other side, but this time he was too emotional to make a fatal mistake in decision-making.

"The Gu Consortium has a solid foundation in China. If we calm down now, I think it will soon recover its previous prosperity."

The chairman put the crutch in his hand aside and slowly relaxed his expression. A hint of slyness flashed across his solemn face. He looked at the overly enchanting face of Jackson and nodded slightly.

"If you really like that woman, I won't object. Over the years, the Gu family had owed you a lot! Although I have given you superior living conditions, it is indeed stingy in terms of spirit.

Although I don't have much power, I can make a decision on this matter."

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