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   Chapter 553 She Is Not Your Mother

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The crisp and childish voice was full of strong uneasiness and timidity, pulling Hester back to reality from the painful memory. She looked up at the child in front of her and understood.

She hadn't had the chance to see Melody's before, but it was said that the child was abnormal. Now it seemed that his intelligence was also affected!

"I'm not your mother. Don't scream when you go out!"

Thinking of what Melody had done, she said in a sharp tone unconsciously. She chose to leave not because she was kind and generous, but because she needed some time to relieve her pain.

And it was not that she didn't want to take revenge at that time, but when she calmed down, she felt that some of her previous thoughts were so ridiculous.

She detested Melody's ruthlessness, so she didn't want to be that kind of person. Putting oneself in pain was just a self-torture to make the opponent happy.

Thomas took a step back and looked at Hester in disbelief. He grabbed his clothes awkwardly, and his big eyes were full of water at the moment.

He had already rehearsed the scene of meeting his mother countless times in his mind, but he did not expect it to be like this. His mother said that she was not his mother. But since he was a child, his mother's photos were placed in his father's room. Why did she suddenly change?

Although Thomas was precocious at such a young age, he didn't know much about many things. He looked at his father with watery eyes, hoping that he could give him a satisfactory answer.

"How could you do this to him?"

Without looking at Thomas' injured eyes, Terence looked at Hester coldly and clenched his fists. In the end, he couldn't believe what a mother would say. Even if he was the one she hated, the child was innocent.

She had been absent from his childhood for three years. How could she not even admit that

nce's heart was bleeding. He must have owed her a lot in his previous life, so had she come here to collect debts?

Shocked by his imposing manner, Thomas pouted, tears swirling in his eyes. The strength holding Hester's wrist was gradually relaxed. He didn't know what to do now.

It didn't seem that his father was joking, but the person in front of him was really his mother. That kind of natural affinity made him want to be close, like other children hiding in their mother's arms and laughing wantonly.


He called his father timidly, and his tears fell in an instant, sliding across his face. He used to like a doll made of jade, and now he was more and more pitiful.

Hester frowned tightly, but she was unwilling to see him cry. She turned around and glared at Terence to express her dissatisfaction.

"Mr. Terence, this is your child, please pay attention to your own teaching method!"

Terence didn't expect that she would refute him like this. He was stunned at that time, with the corners of his mouth moving. He wanted to speak, but he didn't know what to say.

Ignoring his abnormality, Hester focused all her attention on the child beside her. She wiped his tears and felt heartbroken.

"Stop crying, okay?"

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