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Hester left Qi Group building without looking back. She leaned against the corner and gasped for air. She didn't know why she felt guilty, but she just felt that she really needed to do so at this moment.

She put her hand on her chest and felt her heart beating violently, but she didn't know why.

Although it was just a quick glance, she clearly saw a trace of disappointment in Lisa's eyes.

"Hester, what's wrong with you now?"

She murmured to herself and left the place. Hester wandered on the street in a daze and didn't know how she got home. She threw herself on the big bed and fell asleep.

Austin returned home from the hospital tiredly. He looked around the cold room and sighed. He rubbed the spot between his eyebrows and slowly walked to the door of Hester's room.

Austin raised his hand and hesitated for a while before he finally put it down. After waiting for a while, no one answered. Austin sighed and pushed the door in. Looking at her sleeping face, the gloom in his heart was swept away.

Austin pulled up the quilt that fell on her shoulder, just enough to cover her body. He squatted down and looked at her carefully.

Austin sighed slightly and suddenly felt a little sad. The happy time in the past three years was stolen by him selfishly. It seemed that this kind of time would only be farther and farther away from him!

"Hester, what should I do?"

Hester in sleep moved her eyebrows uneasily, which made Austin's heart tremble violently. He looked into her eyes carefully and took a deep breath.

He looked down helplessly, stood up and left her room. Austin rolled up his sleeves, turned around and walked into the kitchen.

Hester was awakened by the scent of the food and got up from the bed in a daze. Squinting her eyes, she opened the door and leaned against it lazily. Her appetite was instantly awakened.

"Brother Austin, why do you come back so early today?"

Austin deftly poured

d to take me as his disciple, and I was too happy and agree, so I forgot to discuss with you. Please don't be angry, okay? "

With his eyelashes quivering slightly, Austin sighed slowly. When he looked up at her watery eyes, he had already surrendered in his heart. He had no right to blame her at all. He was just angry with himself.

"I'm not angry. You are an adult and have your own judgment. I don't have much power to stop you from making decisions. Although I was a little shocked when I heard the news, I didn't get angry at all. So you don't have to be so panic! "

Hearing Austin's words, Hester's hanging heart slowly landed in the air. But when she saw that Austin was full of worries, she couldn't help worrying.

He had always been tolerant of her unconditionally, and that was why she was more and more afraid that he would leave because of anger. There was a strange connection between their lives, but it was not from love.

"Brother Austin, I know it's not appropriate for me to do so. But Lucas is a big shot in the legal world. I really don't want to miss this opportunity. "

Austin sighed and patted the back of her hand to comfort her silently. He could always read her mind, but there was nothing he could do.

"I support you in any decision, no matter when!"

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