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   Chapter 549 Heartless

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He tightened his grip on his wrist. Even if there was a scar, he still felt a little uncomfortable with such heavy strength. Hester's eyebrows were only tangled together. With a wave of her hand, she knocked down his hand.

Her long eyelashes trembled slightly, and there was no blood on her pale face. She looked extremely fragile.

"Mr. Terence, you have been entangled with this question for a long time. Are you still trapped in it or unable to extricate yourself from it? I'm Sakura, not Hester as you said.

If there is really anything between the two of us, there must be only a similar face and a similar name! I wonder if Mr. Terence can understand what I mean?"

He lowered his head and looked at the falling hand. There was still warmth on his fingertips, which made him extremely greedy. A hint of madness flashed across Terence's cold face, and the corners of his mouth twitched slightly.

When could such a cold game end? He was fed up with her damn attitude.

"The more people escape, the more truth they want. Since Miss April is so resistant to that identity, I naturally can't force you.

But my energy and patience are limited. I don't know when my patience will run out. I just hope that Miss April can bear my anger at that time."

Hester felt depressed as her chest heaved up and down. She looked up at the man in front of her with mixed feelings and suddenly found it ridiculous. It was the two of them who disliked her. Why did it seemed that it was all her fault after three years?

"Mr. Terence, you are so funny, but I have no obligation to bear the anger you said! If you keep pestering me, I'm afraid you have to bear my anger first."

Her words were neither humble nor pushy. Obviously, it was a counterattack, but she spoke it with a gentle tone of stubbornness and a little sharpness.

Just like in the court, she always quietly cornered her opponent and then slowly disintegrated.

Terence stare

ciation. Her face was expressionless, but her attitude was very sincere.

"Sorry, you got the wrong person. Although I don't know who you think I am, I'm sorry to tell you that I'm not!

I'm not feeling well now and can't explain to you clearly. I'm really sorry. Bye!"

With a calm face, Hester turned around and left. Lisa had taken good care of her when she was in the Qi family. But after all, she was just a housekeeper and could only give her convenience within her scope of duty.

It didn't matter whether Hester was heartless or not. She had no extra energy to care about the past and just wanted to live her own life quietly.

"Miss Hester, are you really so cruel?"

Looking at her resolute back, Lisa couldn't help but feel sad when she thought of that sensible and heartbroken child. Why did she abandon such a healthy and beautiful child?

But she clearly knew that she had no position to question, and she could only express this thought in her mind after thinking about it.

Hester raised her eyebrows. She didn't understand why she also said she was cruel, just like Terence. But she didn't care and didn't want to pursue it.

She walked steadily without any panic and left slowly. She walked very seriously and counted softly, forcing herself to be concentrated.

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