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   Chapter 546 Guilt

Again, My Love By Mo Xin Characters: 6427

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Through the rearview mirror, Hester could still see the two figures, one big and one small. Her hands trembled unconsciously, and her heart was filled with pain, tears falling down.

If her child was still alive, he should be like this, right? Maybe he was shorter, but she had no chance to see him.

"My poor child..."

The driver looked up at the woman behind him in confusion, frowned slightly, and then concentrated on driving. She had been silent since she got in the car. Why did she suddenly speak?

"Miss, you don't look well. How are you feeling now? We'll arrive at the hospital soon. Please be patient!"

With surprise, Hester looked up at the worried eyes of the driver and understood. She raised her hand to touch her cheek and smiled helplessly.

How pale was she now that an irrelevant person couldn't help asking? She just met Terence once. Why did she become like this?

"I'm fine. Thank you!"

Handing the money to the driver, Hester pushed the door and got off. Standing at the gate of the hospital, she looked up at the tall building and suddenly felt a sense of desolation.

She felt a little dizzy and almost out of breath. Then she raised her hand and pinched her temples. She didn't step forward until the situation eased a little.

Standing outside Austin's office, she was about to knock when she heard someone talking inside.

"Dad, I've told you that I won't accept the way of marriage!"

Austin said impatiently, pacing back and forth in the office. Hester was unable to see his expression because he was standing with his back to her.

The impulse that had been surging in her heart slowly subsided, and all of a sudden, she was not as indifferent as before. She couldn't be selfish to determine the relationship between the two of them, especially to add fearless trouble to him.

Austin had protected her for so long. Except for bringing him trouble, she seemed to hav

slight sense of oppression, struck all over the place, and without a trace, forced a person into the corner.

Hester raised her eyebrows and sighed. She raised her hand and rubbed her aching temples. Her mood, which had just calmed down, seemed to be even more chaotic.

Why did she always meet someone who was so stubborn? Austin was like this, Jackson had also been hotly pursuing. She had no idea what on earth she had that could make them stay by her side forever.

Or only Austin loved her wholeheartedly, while she was of no use to Jackson now. Without Terence, there was nothing that could threaten Jackson, but why didn't he let her go?

"Mr. Jackson, what on earth do you want to do? If it's a greeting between ordinary friends, I'm willing to accept it. But now I have nothing to do with Terence. You don't have to be busy with getting anything from me."

Jackson's eyes darkened and his breath became heavy. He tightened his grip on the phone. He had never thought that she would make it so clear, almost mercilessly.

After a short silence, he smiled with self-mockery. She was so fierce that attracted his attention more, wasn't she?

"I think even if I have other intentions, you shouldn't have said that!"

"Jackson, I'm too tired to play with you!"

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