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   Chapter 538 Assistant

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Hester didn't have much time to think about Terence's sudden appearance, let alone to guess why he was so angry.

On the second day, she came to the law office where Lucas worked. She stood at the front desk with a standard smile on her face.

"Hello! I'm Sakura. Mr. Lucas must have told you!"

The receptionist nodded with a smile and put her hands in front of her. "Miss Sakura, please follow me!"

As Hester passed through the whole office with the receptionist, she received a lot of surprise but faint admiration in their eyes. Hester just smiled and ignored it.

She thought that after the battle yesterday, the name of Sakura would definitely spread throughout the lawyer world in the country!

"Mr. Lucas, Miss Sakura is here."

While she was thinking, the receptionist stood in front of an office door and said respectfully. Hester hurried to close her eyes and put aside all the distractions in her heart. She bowed to Lucas wholeheartedly.


Lucas nodded at Hester. And his gaze at Hester became softer and softer.

"Two hours earlier than the scheduled time. It's really good!"

The corner of Hester's mouth twitched slightly. She didn't mention that she would come to see her master at half past ten. It seemed that Lucas was really as well behaved as rumor had it that he didn't play by the common sense!

He must be afraid that she would overslept because of tiredness, which would embarrass him!

"Master, you must be kidding. As a disciple, there is no reason for you to wait!"

Lucas interrupted Hester with a casual wave of his hand. He didn't want to hear such flattery at all. Compared with the Hester in front of him, he preferred her in the court.

His eyes were firm and his attitude was fair, which was impressive. Hester was so arrogant and confident that she didn't fit in with this somewhat reserved person now.

"We two have already fought. Isn't i

oo publicized was not in line with her personality.

Her eyes fell on a girl in the corner, who didn't raise her head all the time. She just sat there quietly, like air.

"What's your name?"

Hester's voice was particularly obvious in the quiet meeting room. Everyone looked at the girl with surprise in their eyes.

The atmosphere was so weird that the girl raised her eyes timidly and looked straight into Hester's eyes, with a flash of disbelief in her eyes. Her fingers trembled slightly and she pointed at herself.

"Are... Are you asking me?"

Seeing her reaction, Hester nodded with a gentle smile. She was as timid and uneasy as Hester was three years ago. She had never been too publicized, hiding herself in the noisy crowd for fear of being discovered, but also so eager.

After getting a positive answer, the girl took a deep breath, with tears in the eyes. She tightened her hands on her legs and changed the position of holding the pen uneasily.

"My name is Jessie!"

With a slight smile at the corners of her mouth, Hester slowly walked up to her and extended her white and beautiful hand. Maybe Hester chose her to make up for her regret!

"Okay! From now on, you are my assistant. I hope we can have a pleasant cooperation in the future!"

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