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   Chapter 536 Sorry

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Looking around in panic, Hester was glad that she was pressed against the wall and didn't have to face the person behind her. But the situation didn't seem to be better. She was half naked, she was too passive.

She wanted to move to get rid of his control, but she couldn't move.

"Sir, who are you? Or is there any misunderstanding between us? How about letting go of me first and let me put on my clothes? "

Hester tried to slow down her tone, but she was so nervous. All she wanted now was to get rid of the man behind her and never let her have too much entanglement with him.

"When do you still stop acting?"

Terence said in a low and cold voice. He tightened his grip on Hester, afraid that she would escape when he was not noticing.

Terence would never forget how he felt when he saw her on TV. His mind was blank, and his body was as weak as being hollowed out, which impressed him deeply.

But when he saw Jackson beside her, he was angry. What did Hester mean by leaving three years ago and suddenly appearing now?

Hester frowned and her anger was ignited in an instant. She had never owed him anything. Why was she restricted by him now?

If he really wanted to get to the bottom of it, he was the one who should pay the debt. Her two children died indirectly because of him. How could he come here to question her?

"What kind of show? Please let me go, or don't blame me for being rude!"

Hearing Hester's words, Terence's chest trembled with a wry smile. Terence looked at her back with mixed feelings.

The person he had missed for so long appeared in front of him, but he was not as happy as he had expected. How many people could understand this feeling?

His nose was full of familiar smell, which made him extremely greedy. Terence took a deep breath but he couldn't help trembling.

Every cell in his body was shouting for missing her more

really don't remember me or just pretend to forget me. But since I have met you, I won't let you go. Please be aware of this.

If you really want to play the game, I will accompany you to the end! "

After uttering these words, Terence smiled weirdly, turned around and left. He couldn't let her admit that she was Hester, but sooner or later, she would come back to him.

Hester stared firmly at the back of Terence. It was not until he disappeared that Hester collapsed to the ground.

Her nails were deeply embedded in her palms, and a faint pain reminded her that what had just happened was an existence, not a dream. Tears streamed down her cheeks, her arms tightly encircled, curling up in the corner, and she was at a loss.

Although there was no flaw in the face of him, only she knew clearly what she really thought in her heart. She didn't want to have too much contact with him.

As long as she saw him, she would think of her two poor children. She was not a good mother and had no ability to protect her children.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! "

Terence murmured these words again and again, as if tightly binding her inside like a magic spell. Three years ago, she was not immersed in grief, but self-blame and guilt for her children.

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