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   Chapter 534 Confusion

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Hester was sitting in a coffee shop, wearing a professional suit that could restrain her movements. Her sitting posture was standard, but also very tired. She always prepared two suits of clothes when she was in court. She wouldn't make herself so aggrieved.

Hester took a sip of coffee and put on a smile. She looked at Jackson

"Thank you so much for the video you sent to me today, Mr. Jackson. Otherwise, I will be in great danger in court today."

"It's just a piece of cake. Besides, if it weren't for this case, how could we meet again?"

With faint smile on his face, Jackson looked into Hester's eyes, as if he wanted to see through her. Jackson narrowed his eyes and stirred the coffee gracefully.

Although he looked calm, in fact, his inner world had already been surging. He didn't know how much willpower he had used to talk to her so calmly. The past was like a cloud, quietly fading away.

Jackson sighed slightly and smiled with a hint of self-mockery.

"You must have had a hard time in the past three years!"

"Neither good nor bad!" Hester said.

Hester's eyes flashed and concealed the disappointment in them. Hester looked down, her thoughts gradually drifting away. The past years appeared in front of her, and what remained was only sadness.

If she had to look back now, the pain she had experienced would have been scarred and would no longer be painful.

For Hester's answer, Jackson just raised his eyebrows. Jackson looked at her wrist leisurely and touched the string on his wrist with his fingertips. He couldn't help but feel a little dejected.

"Are you still leaving?"

Hearing his murmur, Hester was a little uncertain. Hester frowned and was in a trance for a moment.

This question was originally a question that could not be answered, not to mention that she did not even have an answer herself?


The movement in Jackson's hand paused for a moment, and a hint of darkness flashed through his narrow eyes

ht raise of her eyebrows, an unknown emotion flashed through Hester's heart. Before she could think about it carefully, she hurriedly nodded and left. When she was with Jackson, she always felt a little uncomfortable.

Maybe it was because of some unpleasant things that she wanted to escape. Even if she had many doubts in her heart, she did not ask. She was afraid that it would only increase trouble.

When Hester walked out of the coffee shop, her heart inexplicably became a little heavy. She rubbed her phone and wanted to call Austin, but she didn't know what to say.

"Hester, what are you thinking about? How could you question Brother Austin just because of a few words from others? No, this is absolutely not advisable. "

She took a deep breath and slowly walked towards the court. When she met Lucas by accident, she was surprised.

In the empty stairwell, Lucas was no longer as fierce as in the court, as if he had aged more than ten years in an instant.

Thinking of this, Hester walked slowly to him.

"Mr. Lucas, what are you doing here? Do you feel uncomfortable? "

Curling up on the stairs, Lucas slowly raised his head and looked at Hester, with an unreadable dark light flashing. He nodded slightly with a hint of certainty.

"Girl, work hard. You will have a promising future!"

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