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   Chapter 530 Long Time No See

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Austin sat in the audience, his black eyes fixed on Hester. The phone in his pocket kept vibrating, but he was not in the mood to answer it.

There was still an operation to do today, but he stayed here because he was worried about Hester. It was just a small operation, and any surgeon could do it. But because of his fame, there were so many people waiting for him.

Seeing that Hester was looking at him, Austin smiled and quietly stared at her. His calm and unhurried look made her feel at ease. Hester relaxed her grip and waited quietly for the trial.

Sitting opposite to Hester, Lucas raised his head with confidence. He wanted to see what kind of evidence she could find to prove that Kai was innocent.

Two minutes before the trial, two people slowly walked in. Jackson was in a low-key black suit, followed by his assistant, Allen.

The black brim of his hat completely covered his enchanting face. He sat closest to the door so that he could leave when he was boring.

Allen looked up and saw the people on the stage, his heart trembling fiercely. His breath seemed to stop and he stared at the woman in the court.

Jackson took off his hat, his long and thick eyelashes quivering slightly, and inadvertently saw a familiar smiling face. Jackson's face turned pale and he was at a loss.

His heart rate was severely out of balance. The heart jumped vigorously and steadily, making him almost unable to bear it. The face was so similar, or the person who had been dead for three years was now standing in front of him, and even on the opposite side of him.

Jackson's enchanting long and narrow eyes were fixed on Hester. His tightened chin was slowly relaxed, and the corners of his lips were slightly raised. He looked very evil and attractive.

He came here today just because he was interested in the lawyers of the defendant. It was a kind of ability to make his people at a loss. Naturally, he ha

ril, is Kai destined to take the blame?"

Sophia's dull eyes moved slowly and became focus. Looking at Hester's back, she said slowly.

Hester automatically straightened her back and sighed. She couldn't even convince herself. How could she convince others?

"Aunt Sophia, don't worry! I will try my best to defend for Kai. "

Hearing Hester's words, Sophia's eyes twinkled and she lowered her head. A drop of tear fell from the corner of her eyes and wetted her clothes. Her fingers were slightly cyan because of the force.

She knew clearly that this case was much more difficult than usual. Although she didn't know why those people would blame her son, her son would get involved a little.

"Thank you, Miss April!"

After saying that, the two people were speechless. It was quiet in the lounge and no one talked about the case. Maybe they knew it clearly.


The knock broke the silence in the room. Hester frowned in confusion. Why did someone knock at the door at this time? Was it Miss Bai?

She walked slowly to the door, took a deep breath, quickly sorted out her expression and opened the door.

"Miss Hester, long time no see!"

Allen nodded politely, with a pair of gold rimmed glasses on the bridge of his nose, made him more handsome.

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