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   Chapter 527 A Talk

Again, My Love By Mo Xin Characters: 6522

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After sending away Leo, who looked worried, Hester leaned against the door and slowly sat on the ground. She covered her chest with her hands and felt very sad.

She had thought that after she became a lawyer, she could better help those who needed help, but the truth was really so cruel that she could not accept.

In a trance, she couldn't help thinking of Austin. The man who had always been standing by her side could only tolerate and spoil her, and he was never willing to be harsh to her words.

She walked to the sofa and sat down. She gently honed her phone with her fingertips, lost in thought. After all, it was her own business. If she talked to him, would things get worse?

In the end, she couldn't resist the dependence on him in her heart. She gently rubbed her fingertips and dialed Austin's number.

On the other side, the phone in Austin's pocket vibrated slightly. Looking indifferently at the leisurely Terence, he smiled.

Austin put his hand in his pocket and hung up the phone, looking normal. He raised his hand and took a sip of the coffee on the table, frowning slightly.

Austin glanced at the glass of black liquid on the table from the corner of his eyes and felt a little embarrassed silently. He couldn't get used to the taste of coffee, which had nothing to do with preferences. It was really that bitter taste that made him difficult to adapt.

"Is there anything important that Mr. Terence asked me out?"

They had been sitting here for half an hour, but he was just drinking coffee without doing anything. It looked really strange.

Since he met Terence by chance at the airport, he instinctively avoided him. But today, Austin was blocked at the gate of the hospital, which made him unable to avoid.

After taking a sip of the coffee in his hand leisurely, Terence finally looked at Austin in front of him. There was no change on his indifferent face, but it seemed that he could see through every

n could imagine how patient he was to wait for so long before today's meeting.

But Austin was not that easy to deal with, so he would not let Terence succeed easily. Moreover, Terence would never get involved in the matter between him and Hester.

"Thank you for your praise, Mr. Terence. I'm flattered. It's really an honor to be appreciated by Mr. Terence, the famous business man.

But for what happened three years ago, just as I said before. Facing the sudden death of Hester, I couldn't accept it for a while, so I left.

I don't think I'm a very strong person. I really don't have the courage to face Hester's body, let alone the strength to stand in front of her portrait. She and I are the same. We are insensitive to love, but we just pay for it all the time. Naturally, you can't judge anything according to the way of ordinary people's thinking."

Terence looked at Austin's self-mockery, trying to find some clues from his subtle expression.

Unfortunately, everything he did was flawless, and there was no verbal loopholes. All the comments were reasonable. If it weren't for his sudden visit, he would have thought that he had discussed it a long time ago!

"Austin, I don't care why you left three years ago. I just hope that you won't forget what you have said today!"

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