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   Chapter 525 Doubts

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Jackson got up from the bed and walked slowly to the window, rubbing his temples with his slender fingers. After the hangover, he still felt a little uncomfortable.

"She is just a naive girl, not able to make too much trouble!"

Hearing his firm tone, the man's hanging heart slowly fell to the ground. It seemed that he was really too nervous, and some things were not as easy as before.

"I'm sorry to interrupt your rest. I'm too impatient!"

Jackson lazily leaned against the window and opened it, letting the wind blow his face. He lifted up the short hair in front of his forehead, revealing his charming face.

"Although it's the time for the Gu consortium to take over the domestic market again, you still have to keep calm. Don't be too anxious!

Besides, do you mean that you did something wrong this time?" Jackson asked.

"I was in such a hurry that I was hit by Kai."

The man narrowed his eyes, with a strange emotion flashing in them. In the end, it was his fault for being too careless and exposing many flaws.

He just wanted to solve these problems as soon as possible, but he didn't want to encounter such trouble.

"Impetuous mood is the most taboo in our business. You have been with me for so long, don't you know?" Looking out of the window, Jackson was lost in thought.

"I will be more careful in the future. Please rest assured!" The man nodded respectfully and said firmly and seriously.

Before he finished his words, Jackson hung up the phone. He put his hand on his chest and frowned slightly. His slender and white fingers moved slowly, stroking the thin rope on his wrist, and he was lost in thought.

He didn't know why, but every time he heard about that case, his mood was unconsciously shifted. He narrowed his eyes and looked at the thin rope, with a mocking smile at the corners of his mouth.

"Is it because you two both have the surname?"

Hester, on the other hand, grasped this c

name again. He was so regretful.

Hearing Leo's words, Hester felt a dull pain in her temples. She groped the wall in her hand and had a vague feeling that she had asked the wrong person for help.

"I have found some clues. I want you to help me check the background of the owner of that hotel."

"Owner's background?" Leo frowned and felt surprised. He raised his eyes and glanced at Derek. After receiving his gaze, Leo nodded with a deep look.

"Okay, I'll tell you the result tonight!"

"Thank you, Leo. You can continue! I have something else to do, so I have to hang up. Bye!"

After saying goodbye, Leo took a deep breath and tried to restrain his anger. Leo repeatedly warned himself that he couldn't defeat the man in front of him, but he still couldn't help but make a move.

However, it was easy for Derek to take his sudden attack. Derek got rid of his grip lazily and raised his eyebrows when he saw Leo's angry face.

"Why didn't you go back to your room to sleep last night?"


Facing Leo's accusation, Derek remained calm on his face. He let go of his arm and answered casually.

Blue veins stood out on Leo's head. He clenched his fists and his chest heaved violently.

"So you said we were going to do some sports last night. Are you having fun?"

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