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   Chapter 523 Clues

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Sitting next to Austin, Hester had no interest in the video on the computer screen at all. Hester paid all her attention to him and observed him movements carefully.

It was not that she didn't love Austin, but that the pain of falling down was too great for her. She really didn't have the courage to face the next relationship.

Hester had thought about being with him before, but there was always a barrier in her barrier that she didn't step out before she went out.

"Do you think it can be used as evidence?"

Austin watched the video carefully and frowned slightly. He only knew a little about the law. Last night, when his father said that there was such a video, he asked for it without thinking.

But after watching it today, Austin felt that it had nothing to do with the case itself.

"Yeah, of course!"

Hester raised her hand to tuck the short hair near her ear, and her eyes flashed to avoid Austin's gaze. She didn't notice what the video said at all. She just wanted to see the subtle expression of Austin.

"I just need to sort it out and submit it as evidence."

Afraid that Austin would not believe her, Hester added in a hurry. The video was easy to solve, but now she was most concerned about Austin.

"Don't think too much. I was just talking nonsense. Don't take it seriously."

Austin could see through her mind at a glance. He smoothed her hair with his fingers and said softly, with a faint sense of powerlessness in his heart.

"As long as you still need me, I won't leave!"

Hearing his words, Hester's heart, which was hanging in the air, finally fell to the ground. As long as Austin said it, he would do it.


After the annoying thing was over, Hester went back to work. With the video as evidence, her big trouble was finally solved.

She watched the video over and over

ed at the ground with a mocking smile.

"Miss April, I won't accept your idea. The result of this case is obvious. We don't have to waste our time because of the nature of your special job.

The victim's family has already filed a lawsuit. As a country that has a good friendship with the United States, we naturally have the obligation and responsibility to give his family a satisfactory explanation in a short time.

Now you have been delayed for a whole week because of your insistence. Do you want to delay for another week? "

Hearing what Police Li said, Hester was stunned and unable to come to herself for a long time. Her brain was in a state of anxiety, as if it was only a test on fire, and she could not get any vent.

"I just want to seek justice for my litigant. Why does it become a special profession? Police Li, I'm so polite to you because you're a policeman. But if you continue to ignore your duty, I can sue you! "

With a scornful smile, Police Li looked at Hester up and down, as if he had heard a funny joke. Police Li just felt that the person in front of him was still too simple and stupid.

"Miss April! This case has been settled. Don't be so stubborn, or it will do you no good. "

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