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   Chapter 515 Tit For Tat

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"Lucas, are you afraid, so you are provoking me?"

Austin smiled with a trace of arrogance and cruelty. Staring at Lucas' back, Austin squinted slightly. Austin stood there leisurely, and slowly calmed down.

Hearing Austin' provocative words, Lucas paused for a moment. In the quiet hall, people came and went, and they all clearly heard this sentence.

Lucas had never been humiliated like this since he was a lawyer. Being looked down upon like this, Lucas' mind was suddenly in a mess.


Lucas repeated the word slowly. Instead of getting angry, he laughed. He looked at the two of them with his bright eyes. There was no sorrow or joy on his face, which was hard to see through.

"I'm just giving you some advice as an elder. As for the words "afraid", I think it was more suitable for you! "

Seeing that the gazes from the surroundings were wandering on her, Hester hid all the smiles in her eyes. She laughed at herself secretly. How could she treat Austin according to common sense?

The reason why Austin spoke so gently just now was that he was just in self-cultivation. But what Austin looked like before was indeed only suitable for normal people, not for the two people who were tit for tat.

"Lucas, you're going too far. As a senior, you should keep your manner instead of arguing with us!"


With a sneer at the corners of his mouth, Lucas' face turned red and his temples twitched slightly. Lucas hadn't been angry for a long time. The consequence of his sudden anger was to make him feel uncomfortable.

In the past few years, his life had been very smooth. Even if he encountered a difficult case, it was impossible for him to be as angry as today.

"Miss April, don't think that you can reverse the situation by delaying the trial today. One week. You only have one week. Let's see who can laugh to the end! "

"Okay! Let's make an appointment for a week. Then the winner will be decided. "

Not to be outdone, she l

ter's photo sincerely. Thomas' hands were stirred nervously. He was afraid that his mother would be angry, but at the same time, he was a little excited.

If his mother could recognize the way home after his reminder, he would be relieved.

Terence's hand that was stroking the photo paused for a moment. His eyes twinkled and looked at the flowers on the side. The scene of that day flashed through Terence's mind. Although she had the same eyebrows and eyes, she had a completely different temperament.

He also wanted to be as simple as Thomas. He thought that one day in the future, she would suddenly appear, look at them with a smile, and then say, "I'm back.".

But Terence couldn't. He was an adult and couldn't simply believe it. Terence knew clearly what it meant to die, but he was so powerless.

"Don't worry. Thomas is very obedient and sensible. He is never naughty. Compared with other children of his age, he is always reassuring! "

The two sat quietly in front of Hester's tomb, just accompanying her. Thomas was excited as he imagined the scene that his mother would come back.

However, Terence was immersed in his heavy memory and could not extricate himself from it. Every day he came here, he would always unconsciously recall.

There was always a woman waiting for him like that.

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