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   Chapter 514 Peace Of Mind

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Seeing the two nodding and whispering, Austin couldn't help smiling. He walked slowly to Hester, raised his head and touched her hair.

"Let's go!"

Hester's heart, which was hanging in the air, slowly fell to the ground. Seeing the smile at the corner of Austin's mouth, she finally returned to reality. The scene just now flashed across her eyes, as if it was a nightmare.

Every word she said, every move of her indicated the future of a young life. She never wanted to be famous and respected. She just wanted nothing but a clear conscience.

Seeing the tears of joy from the client was her greatest comfort.

"Aunt Sophia, please go to see Kai as soon as possible! He hasn't been sent back to the police station yet. You two haven't seen each other for a long time. "

Hearing Hester's words, Sophia came to her senses. Sophia's dull eyes turned slightly and focused faintly. Tears fell from the corners of her eyes when she looked at Hester. The hands Sophia held Hester tightly and trembled slightly.

"Miss April, thank you so much!"

She had witnessed the situation in the court. Hester had always been trying her best to defend her son and had never slacked off. The defense lawyer of the other party was also very sharp. Every word had a trap. He seized the opportunity to seize their gap and wouldn't let it go.

Hester patted the back of Sophia's hand, trying to calm her down. Today was a dangerous day. It was not easy to get the chance to have a break.

In this way, they could temporarily breathe a sigh of relief and stop being so nervous.

"Aunt Sophia, you're welcome. Take this opportunity to see Kai!"

"Okay, I'll go to see Kai first."

Knowing that her son was still in the court, Sophia nodded hurriedly and looked up at Hester with gratitude.

Looking at Sophia's panicked back, Hester suddenly felt sad. Poor parents, and Sophia as a single mother was naturally hard.

It was not easy for

as a magical creature. Because of their thoughts, they would naturally ignite some inner demons, which would restrict their actions at some necessary moments, making them miserable.

"Mr. Lucas, don't you feel guilty that you are helping the devil?"

Hester held Austin's hand nervously and exerted force slightly. Although Lucas was very rude, he was an elder after all, so they naturally could not speak wildly.

Moreover, this Mr. Lucas had a strange temperament. Wouldn't it be a little embarrassing if the matter escalated?

"Sir, I know young people are easily irritable. But as an elder, I still have to advise you to be clear about your position. Don't think you are qualified to yell at the elder after staying abroad for a few years! "

Lucas' expression did not change at all. He was still as shrewd as before, which was daunting. Although Lucas was nearly fifty years old, he never acted like an old man.

"Miss Lucas, I'm sorry! Brother Austin was just in a hurry and might have said something unpleasant. Please forgive him! "


With a cold snort, Lucas glanced at Hester with his deep eyes, turned around and left.

Looking at Lucas' back, Hester sighed helplessly.

"It seems that he's really like the rumor. It's better to see it than to hear it!"

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