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   Chapter 513 Court Session

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Hester's loud voice became more and more prominent in the quiet court. With light make-up on her fair face, she didn't have any sharp thought, but it was difficult to make others ignore her.

Such a weak person could actually have such determination, which made people moved. It was known to all that Lucas' aura was superior to others. In general, as long as others faced with him, their aura would be much weaker.

Lucas stood up and bowed slightly due to his age. Although Lucas' thin body looked weak, he gave others an exceptionally shrewd feeling.

The black eyes above were shining. When others met with him, they would always unconsciously tremble.

"I want to ask the defendant a question. Please answer it honestly!"

The three judges exchanged looks and nodded slightly. The hammer in the hand of the judge in the center fell down and Lucas' request was permitted.


After getting the permission, Lucas' eyes fell on Kai. With a gleam of cunning, Lucas was like a vicious snake that could not be ignored.

"Then Mr. Kai, why did you drink that night? Do you have anything to do with the victim? "

Kai looked at Hester and looked at Lucas hesitantly, not knowing how to answer. Before the trial, Miss April had told him not to speak, but in this case, how should he answer?

"I was just depressed at that time, and then I got off work early that day, so I took a few friends to drink..."

"I'm sorry, Mr. Kai. Please answer my question briefly!"

Lucas frowned and interrupted him when he heard Kai's words. The reason why Lucas asked this question was that he wanted to win the case more beautiful, not to listen to Kai's nonsense.

"Now, Mr. Kai, you just need to answer yes or no, nothing else is useful! Or I can ask you a question and you answer it, okay? "


Kai nodded with hesitation, but he could do nothing about it. Even if Kai could manage to deal with it

se. How could she be so stupid to get close to it?

Even though the two of them were on the opposite side, this appreciation could not help revealing a little. He had investigated the background of Hester.

She was not familiar with the domestic law, but believed in the American laws. It was not bad for her to stay calm in the face of danger.

The judge had fully considered Hester's request. They discussed with each other and agreed to her request.

"The court is suspended!"

When Hester heard these, she only felt that the nervous in her chest disappeared. She clenched her fists, and her palms were wet.

Slowly exhaled a turbid air, and looked at the tearful Sophia, exchanging a look of relief. Hester held Sophia's cold palm and gave her strength silently.

After the trial was over, Hester stood still for a long time without any movement. Austin sat in the audience and watched her and Sophia standing side by side. A sense of bitterness inexplicably surged in his heart.

Hester was so stubborn, not because of her strong heart. But she just didn't want to disappoint everyone who trusted her, let alone see their disappointed expressions.

Every time she tried her best, her heart was always wrapped in a fiery heart.

"Aunt Sophia! Let's go! "

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