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   Chapter 512 Arguing

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Perhaps it was because of Lucas' identity, or perhaps there was someone who wanted to laugh at Hester, almost all the people present today occupied the court. This was not a big case and it was rare to cause such a sensation.

Hester calmly went up to the court, nodded at Lucas opposite and took her seat. Hester behaved calmly and generously without any fright.

The judge raised his head and gently dropped the hammer on the court. The solemn expressions on his face swept through the people present, and he said slowly.

"Now the court session is officially held. Please give a court statement to the procuratorate."

A comrade of the procuratorate in official uniform stood up solemnly with a document in his hand, nodded slightly to the judge, and then turned around to nod to the audience.

"Dear judge and audience, good morning! According to our investigation, the criminal suspect, Kai, has sneaked into the United States. He violated the 322nd criminal law. What's more, the suspect has killed someone abroad, which has violated the 232nd article of our criminal law. According to the above two points, we will sue the criminal suspect for intentional homicide and stowaways. If the circumstances are bad and the impact is serious, we will specially sue the court and ask the judge to give a punishment and sentence the criminal suspect a life imprisonment! I have finished my statement. Thank you! "

The staff of the procuratorate finished his brief statement, put the documents in his hands aside, nodded slightly, and then took his seat.

The judge put down the hammer in his hand, looked up at the criminal suspect, Kai, and said expressionlessly, "According to the prosecution content of the procuratorate, is there anything for the defendant to defend?"

Hester stood up gracefully and said.

"Dear judge, my agent was drunk that night. He couldn't remember what happened. But he was a quiet and honest man. He couldn't do such a bad thing.

Although we can't show evidence to prove it now, we still ask the court to give a fair trial and give him

suddenly sounds very reasonable, but it can't withstand the slightest deliberation. Although the victim was strong, he could be subdued easily if the suspect attacked him unexpectedly and ruthlessly.

What's more, although drunk people can't stand steadily, they can maximize the dark side of their hearts, then he would be more unscrupulous and killed others. "

Lucas said as he took out the victim's photo and nodded to the judge.

"Judge, I have several pictures of the victim. The victim was stabbed in the heart, and many wounds on his body were not fatal.

It can be seen that the other party was intentionally torturing the victim. Such a cruel and inhuman way of murder is outrageous. Please give a fair judgment, and give a hint of comfort to the victim who got harmed! "

Hester heard his words and frowned. Lucas was known for his sharp and domineering manner, so he spoke domineeringly, leaving no chance for others to breathe.

Since Lucas engaged in the lawyer industry, he had always been in an invincible position, and he had never failed in any case.

"I don't quite agree with you. There are too many personal emotions in it. For us, the law is fair and strict, and we can not only rely on personal opinions to convict them.

Besides, there is no witness who can prove the fact that the suspect has killed someone, so he can't be forcibly convicted! "

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