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   Chapter 511 Go All Out

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Hearing Sophia's unspoken tone, Hester turned her head and looked into her eyes. Hester could understand Sophia's feelings at the moment.

There was a faint smile on Hester's face, which made people feel warm.

"Don't worry! You should be calm and impetuous when something happens. They were just some reporters and couldn't play a decisive role.

We just need to concentrate on dealing with the difficulties of the opposing lawyer, and everything else will be fine! "

Sophia relieved a little, but she still felt a little uneasy. But Hester was right. Their main goal was to win the case, not to be afraid of these.


The reporter waited outside for a long time, but no one got out of the car. He could not help but feel a little anxious. This was the first time that Lucas had appeared in court in so many years. It was well-known in the legal community!

But the one who fought with him was a lawyer who came back from abroad. She was young, but she had the courage to face Lucas. It was really admirable, and many people were waiting to see a joke.

Another car slowly drove over, and everyone was excited. The reporters instantly moved to the spot and surrounded the car.

The door opened slowly, and a man in a pure black suit got off the car. He had gray hair, but he had a good spirit. His energetic eyes were slightly smiling, which was the kind of indifference that had been in the strong for a long time.

"Lucas, this is another case you took eight years later. What do you think?"

"Lucas, it is said that the one who is fighting with you is a foreign lawyer. Do you have anything to say about it?"

"Lucas, what do you want to say about this case?"

Lucas nodded with a smile at the disorderly questions. He got off the car unhurriedly and stood aside.

"Today is the trial day. Thank you for your attention. I didn't think too much. I

th confidence, making people unable to look away. Her voice could be lowered, and everything was deeply tugging at his heartstrings, making him addicted to it.

Hester was still telling the matters needing attention seriously, trying to make it perfect. Although it was unlikely to win, she had to create a good image of a young man in front of the judge.

Leo once told her that when two strangers met, they usually judged the person's education by his appearance and behavior. Of course, a well-bred person would also give others a good impression.

She was just using some of the people's little consciousness to make the court think that he was just an obedient boy. He must not have done something like killing.

Hester kept telling them the matters needing attention. Hester was always unhurried, and everything was orderly and polite, without the slightest trace of panic.

"The trial is on. Let's go first!"

Sophia couldn't hold back her tears anymore. She held his hand with her rough hand, hoping to give him a support.

"Son, don't worry. I will try my best to save you."

Kai smiled for the first time today. He held his mother's hand and felt very warm.

"Don't worry, mom. We have to trust her!"

"I will try my best."

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